Why I am throwing the red flag on Gorsuch


This administration and political party is a complete dumpster fire.  They are screwing us on Iran, Afghanistan, and broader foreign policy priorities.  And nobody is giving voice to what’s important to conservatives on domestic policy either.

But the one saving grace was…Neil Gorsuch!

Except, Gorsuch, as we predicted, is now screwing us on immigration by accepting the core views of the left on judicial review and due process as it relates to deportations.  As we explain in great detail, he is violating national sovereignty with his views on immigration and the role of the courts.

While this was only at the oral arguments stage, when coupled with Gorsuch’s past writings on the issue, it’s time to toss a red flag on Gorsuch.  Immigration is the most important issue in the courts now and we can’t afford to have him be the fifth vote for judicial amnesty.

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