Why Does Everyone Frustrate Pelosi?

Poor Nancy…  apparently, no one wants to tell her what she wants to hear, and it’s frustrating the Queen of the Congress.

It began last month when the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) lied – her words, not mine – about what she had been told regarding enhanced interrogation techniques. Even though there are witnesses to the contrary, she denies that she was ever briefed on the use of waterboarding at Guantanamo Bay prison, and it frustrated her to no end.

Now, the non-partisan agency set up to give budget guidance to Congress is joining in on the “let’s frustrate Nancy-fest.” In a news conference today, the most honest leader of the most ethical Congress in history – her words, not mine – has accused the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) of not giving honest data concerning the cost of the government takeover of America’s healthcare industry.

“It’s always been a source, yes I will say frustration, for many of us in Congress that the CBO will always give you the worst case scenario on one initiative and never … any credit for anything that happens if you have early intervention, health care,” Pelosi said in her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill. 

“If you have prevention, if you have wellness … you name any positive investment that we make, that we know reduces cost, brings money to the Treasury in the case of education but never scored positively by the CBO. Yes, it is frustrating,” she said.

nancypelosistressedI’m sure it’s hard to be the leader of Congress while carrying one of the lowest approval ratings ever carried by the Speaker-of-the-House in US history. You can see the strain on her face – either that or she needs another Botox shot – as she bravely faced the obviously biased questions coming from the Washington press corps.

Of course, she can be forgiven for getting frustrated with them, since the media on Capital Hill are notorious for their conservative-leaning tendencies.

Meanwhile, Republicans are keeping the pressure on Pelosi to explain her accusation last month that CIA briefers misled her on Bush-era interrogation techniques. House Republicans are pressing for an investigation into the allegations.

Don’t they know that this additional pressure is only going to add to Ms. Pelosi’s frustration?

Be strong, Ms. Pelosi, be strong.


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