What’s That Ticking Sound?

In yet another press conference to discuss the sorry unemployment numbers under his administration, Obama told the country that his stimulus plan was working as it was supposed to, even though unemployment had exceeded his promised ceiling of 8% when it came in at a 25 year high of 9.5%.

He tried to spin it by saying that renewed employment typically lags behind other signs of improvement as a swooning economy turns around but then went on to say that he expected unemployment numbers to tick up for several months as the economy recovers from its deepest downturn in decades.

So, that’s what that ticking sound is? Millions of unemployed? Could be, but maybe he just overheard one of his daughters viewing Potter Puppet Pals.

Actually, there are similarities. If unemployment continues to climb and spending stays out-of-control, it could be the “pipe bomb” that blows up the economy.


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