What Do College And Colds Have In Common?

Well, let’s see. . .

  1. They both start with the letter “C”
  2. Both of them can give you a headache
  3. They both can make you want to stay in bed all day
  4. Both of them tend to involve alcohol for “medicinal” purposes
  5. The will both be covered under Obamacare

What? Yep, you heard that last one right.

It seems there is a small, intentionally overlooked provision in the Obama hijacking of America’s healthcare system that will abolish private financing for attending college. I’m not exactly sure how student loans relate to shutting down those filthy, stingy, greedy, capalistic pigs, whose profit margins are some of the lowest of any major enterprise in America, but it’s something our socialist-leaning, progressive President understands completely. 

From the very beginning of his campaign to become our supreme leader, the chosen one has made it a priority to use the next generation of voters to build his Marxist utopia by controlling the children. With the inclusion of tuition funding his healthcare takeover, he is now positioning himself to use them as leverage.

I can hear it now. . .

“A vote against Obamacare is a vote to keep children poor, sick and uneducated.”  

Even today, Obama and a few of his fellow Progressives on Capital Hill are in St. Charles, MO. to speak in a closed-door, invitation-only Kabuki health care speech to high school students and then he’ll be heading off for a fund-raiser with Claire McCaskill.

Hmmm, Obama campaigning, what are the odds? Hey Barry, I thought you told McCain at your infamous “healthcare summit” that the campaign was over. I guess that’s only when it’s the other guy talking, huh?

You can argue about Obamacare. You can argue about financing higher education. You shouldn’t have to argue them together. Of course, with a promise to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” it should come as no surprise that Obama and the Democrats would resort to such methods.

It’s enough to make a baby cry. . .

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