We Have A Moron A Heartbeat Away From The Presidency

Moron: (noun) 1: a mildly mentally retarded person 2: a very stupid person

Look up the word moron in the dictionary, and you’re likely to see a picture of Joe Biden. The man who is one heart beat away from the Presidency has committed “moronicide” once again, as he shared classified information about the Top Secret bunker located under the Vice Presidential residence. This underground fortress is used to protect the Vice President and his staff in the event of an attack on America.

Of course, this is just further evidence that the Obama administration doesn’t believe that terrorists and terrorism are real. They do away the the term “terrorist,” along with the term “war on terror.” He releases Top Secret C.I.A. memos on enhanced interrogation techniques and meets with muslim leaders who have declared the destruction of the United States and her allies. He even offers to stop the development of the missle defense sheild in his attempts to appease the Russian Bear.

Of course, in an effort to put out this serious fire, Super Joe’s official mouthpiece assures America that he didn’t divulge any classifed information.

“There was no disclosure of classified information,” spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander said. The room was not an underground facility, “rather, an upstairs workspace in the residence, which he understood was frequently used by Vice President Cheney and his aides.”

Yeah, I always get my attic confused with my basement. I hate when that happens.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when Obama’s second in command divulges Top Secret information. All he’s doing is following the lead of his boss.

And to think, this moron is only a heartbeat away from the Presidency.



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