We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Badges

They don’t call Janet Napolitano “J-No” for nothing. When it comes to terrorism (oops, Janet says there will be NO use of that word anymore – my bad), there is simply NOthing she won’t do to take us  back to the happy days before the “man-caused” disasters in New York City and Washington D.C. killed thousands of innocent Americans in September, 2001.

Now, she is saying that we don’t need NO stinkin’ badges – NO birth certificates (gee, no wonder Obama doesn’t provide his) – NO verification procedures to prevent people from possessing multiple IDs – NO valid picture IDs to board an airplane, just like the “good ol’ days.”

Just after 9/11, the Bush administration pushed for a program known as the “Real ID Program.” The 2001 attacks were the main motivation for the original law. For example, the hijacker-pilot who flew into the Pentagon, Hani Hanjour, had four driver’s licenses and ID cards from three states. Still, J-No feels this type of program is NO longer necessary for the security of America.

Is it because the plan isn’t working? Is it because the plan has been discriminatory? Why exactly is she making this move?

“It is a recognition that Real ID, as originally passed, is simply not being put in place by the states,” Napolitano said Monday.

There you have it. The states aren’t complying, so in the interest of protecting our nation’s security, J-NO decided that it’s just better to cut the guts out of the program. Now, doesn’t that make you feel safer?

Be prepared America! The scene below will be coming to an airport near you. Thanks to J-NO, terrorist don’t need NO stinkin’ badges.