Transparency? Yeah, Right!

When running for office, President Change promised that one of the trademarks of his administration would be a new level of transparency. In fact, he committed himself to be “the most transparent administration in history.”

And if we leave out birth certificates, fund raising, Obamacare, school transcripts, Executive Orders, Tarp fund spending, background checks on his czar-palooza and Libya – along with a long list of other items – he kept his promise.

However, that all changed today when Barack “Hit Man” Obama decided to keep the photos of Usama Bin Laden in his private collection of Presidential memorabilia.

This decision only serves to further muddy the waters behind the killing of UBL.

There is the ever-changing story of exactly what happened in the first place. He was armed – then he wasn’t. He used his wife as a human shield – then he didn’t.

Then, there is the mysterious circumstances of disposing of the body. Why was it dumped in the ocean? The messiah would tell you that he did it out of respect of Islamic tradition, yet there are leaders of that religion who say that a burial-at-sea failed in that department.

*I’ll save any commentary about the bend-over-backwards attitude of this administration to the Islamic faith for another post.

So, what we have is an undercover operation, that wasn’t viewed by the administration as we were first told, where someone who’s supposed to be UBL was shot in the head. We have no body or photo to prove this, and the administration can’t seem to make up it’s mind about exactly what happened.

But hey, that’s what you get with the most transparent administration in history.

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