Transparency In Government – A Democrat Fable

When she was made Speaker of the House in 2006, Princess Pelosi made a commitment to lead “the most honest, most open and most ethical Congress in history.”

“Henchman Harry” Reid (as he is now called after he “persuaded” his fellow Democrats to vote for Obamacare) joined the princess and then Senator Obama in signing the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act as part of their effort to “restore honest leadership and open government.”

No, really! Stop laughing!

When running for President, candidate Obama promised to “change” the way things were done in Washington by being more open and accountable to the American people, specifically when it came to negotiating the particulars of his healthcare hijacking.

However, much like the childhood fable of “The Moral Principle and the Material Interest” (Ambrose Bierce, 1842-1914) the principle of transparency in government has yielded to the selfishness of socialism at any cost.  

 The Moral Principle and the Material Interest

A MORAL Principle met a Material Interest on a bridge wide enough for but one.

“Down, you base thing!” thundered the Moral Principle, “and let me pass over you!”

The Material Interest merely looked in the other’s eyes without saying anything.

“Ah,” said the Moral Principle, hesitatingly, “let us draw lots to see which shall retire till the other has crossed.”

The Material Interest maintained an unbroken silence and an unwavering stare.

“In order to avoid a conflict,” the Moral Principle resumed, somewhat uneasily, “I shall myself lie down and let you walk over me.”

Then the Material Interest found a tongue, and by a strange coincidence it was its own tongue. “I don’t think you are very good walking,” it said. “I am a little particular about what I have underfoot. Suppose you get off into the water.”

It occurred that way.

In order to force their will on the American people who oppose Obamacare and the socialized medicine that will result, closed door meetings have replaced openness, lies have replaced ethics, and bribery has replaced honest debate.

In the words of the fable . . . it occurred that way.

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