Tolerance. . . Progressive Style

Progressives love to accuse anyone who doesn’t agree with them as being intolerant. They particularly enjoy attaching labels to those they don’t agree with in order to demonize them in some way.

  • Do you oppose Obamacare? You’re a right-wing capitalist who favors big insurance companies over the poor.
  • Do you oppose homosexual marriage? You’re a homophobic, religious zealot who opposes “equal rights.”
  • Do you support a drastic reductions in spending, lower taxes and smaller government? You hate the poor and the downtrodden and are guilty of sedition.

Basically, if you don’t agree with a progressive, you’re an intolerant hater suffering from extreme xenophobia – resulting in racist, bigoted and prejudice beliefs that are responsible for all of the ills of society.

And to top it all off, they will tell you that they are the epitome of tolerance and fully accepting of the differences of others. Yeah, right.

As the heat on their facio-socialistic agenda intensifies, the progressive version of tolerance is becoming more and more clear.

For instance, when the Republican party released their Remember November video (which I featured here), the Lame Stream media responded with accusations of “terrorism” and implicated that it was a call to “assassinate” political leaders.

Act II from Republican Governors Association on Vimeo.

Or how about this shining example of tolerance from HBOs Bill Maher on the All Barack Channel over the weekend?

But wait, progressive-styled tolerance isn’t just limited to the media. You’ll find several fine examples of this same approach to our differences from progressive members of Congress, as well as members of America’s labor unions. Take this past weekend’s protest marches honoring “May Day” (a holiday notorious for its socialist and communist influences).

Isn’t it interesting that the Pacifist-in-Chief spoke of the need to end such tactics on the same weekend that this was taking place? Have you ever wondered why he doesn’t call out his fellow progressives by name when he calls for “civility?” Could it be that he’s just as guilty as they are when it comes to his progressive style of tolerance?

For example, did you know that he referred to T.E.A. Party members “teabaggers”in a new book coming out this month? It’s a well known fact that this is a vulgar term describing a sexual act involving a man’s scrotum. Could it be that the prince of political peace actually believes in the labeling of political opponents – ala Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals?

When it comes to the hypocrisy of the radical-left concerning civility and tolerance, I think my friends over at said it best. . .

“The only thing more common these days than a liberal screeching about racism or Nazism is The One spouting platitudes about civility without ever calling his side onto the carpet.”

But hey, that’s tolerance. . . . progressive style.


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