The “I” In Pelosi Stands For Idiot

pelosi_waterboarding2In a meltdown of near historical proportions, Nancy Pelosi has found herself playing defense on the subject of “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques,” including the big, bad, evil practice of waterboarding. You remember waterboarding, don’t you? It’s the technique of simulated drowning that all special operations units in all branches of the U.S. military and the CIA’s Special Activities Division employ as part of their survival school training, to psychologically prepare soldiers for the eventuality of being captured by the enemy forces. In other words, we use it on our own troops.   

And why does she need to defend herself? It’s because her politically driven demands for investigations of the Bush Administration’s  “illegalities” concerning the war on terror are leading right back to her own office. As she pretends to be indignant about the “atrocities” practiced by those evil Republicans that have kept us safe since 9/11, we now discover that Princess Pelosi was aware of them all along.

Once caught in this quandry, she resorted to the famous Bill Clinton defense – “I did not have waterboarding relations with that agency,” and the Hillary Clinton defense – she’s a victim of some “vast right-wing conspiracy.” Unfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, her claims of innocence concerning any knowledge of the techniques used by the C. I. A. under President Bush are false according to a Senate Intelligence Committee report released last week.

So, what does the representative from the rainbow city by the bay (that’s San Francisco for the uninitiated) do when caught in this lie? She does what all liberals do under the circumstances, she blames conservatives and accuses the C. I. A. of lying to Congress.

“Yes, I am saying that they are misleading – that the CIA was misleading the Congress.” – Nancy Pelosi

In an attempt to help Nancy save her sorry butt, her BFF on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein has joined the “everybody is lying but Nancy” club:

“I’ve know Nancy a long time,” Feinstein said. “We lived a few houses apart for a couple of decades. I’ve never known her not to be truthful. Let me put that on the record.”

Feinstein had this to say about the CIA, now headed by fellow Californian Leon Panetta of Monterey:

“The CIA on this issue is in a defensive mode. Who knows whether what they’re saying is right or wrong? The CIA is not an agency that is above not telling the truth.”

What’s interesting in this whole scenario is that this is Princess Pelosi’s third version of the events that transpired in that meeting. First, she claimed that waterboarding wasn’t discussed at all – then claimed that the C. I. A. mentioned that it had been approved, but never used – then claimed that she was told about it, but couldn’t disclose anything about it. I can’t wait until her next press conference when she tells us how she was actually for EITs before she was against them.

While the “I” in C. I. A. stands for intelligence, it certainly doesn’t have the same meaning for the “I” in Pelosi. In her case, it stands for Idiot, or Inept, or Ignoramus, or Imbecile, or Incapable, or Incompetent, or Infelicitous, or Inappropriate, or Ill-chosen, or …….  well, you get the idea.


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