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Global warming, prostitution, and the war on women

March 30, 2015
Prostitute and global warming

If you’re smart, like me, you’re able to make an informed decision about important issues based on facts instead of emotionalism. For example, you know that global warming hysteria is a lie from left-wing extremists used to give government more control of our lives, spread communist and socialist ideologies, bring an end to capitalism, and raise money for the government. Still, it hasn’t stopped them from defending the doctrines of Al Gore’s Global Warming Church. Everything from record cold and snowfall—that’s not a misprint—to global terrorism are being blamed on global warming, and new tragedies are being created every day. For example, we have…

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Women Care About More Than Contraception

October 16, 2012
Women Care About More Than Contraception

To listen to the mainstream media’s coverage of the so-called war on women, you’d think the entire election will be won or lost, based on contraception and its availability. But women care passionately about other issues—such as energy, too. Last week, the Independence Institute held a debate organized by, featuring, and for women—about energy. Four of us sparred for 90 minutes. We would have kept at it far longer had the moderator, a woman, not brought it to a close. Each of us had much more to say. The debate was billed as “Minivan or Smart Car.” We discussed car…

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Conservative Comedy 6/8/12

June 8, 2012

In addition to providing two videos from our friends at NewsBusted, we have a bonus video compliments of the Republican Governors Association that takes a humourous look at liberal pundits before the Wisconson recall election. Get ready to laugh. . .   Have a great weekend!!        

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Obama’s Bureau Of Womanhood Conformity

May 16, 2012

While there isn’t really such a bureau in the Federal Government, – although, if the chosen one can appoint an “Atrocities Czar” to further a belief in One World government, why not create a “Womanhood Czar” to further the fake war on women? – the Susan B. Anthony List shows us that the policies for such a department already exist in the Obama administration. Democrats claim to support women, but in the end they only support liberal women who believe in government-mandated healthcare, government-funded birth control and killing their unborn babies for any reason. If you’re tired of the all-out assault launched by this administration on people of faith and conscience, if you…

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