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Same-sex marriage wins – Christians lose in Kentucky

September 1, 2015
LGBT and Religious Liberty

I wrote yesterday about how the same-sex marriage ruling in Obergefel v. Hodges by the Supreme Court was being used by polygamists in an attempt to legalize plural marriages. At the end of the article, I challenged anyone who held the belief that redefining marriage would only affect the homosexual community to take the time to learn how it would ultimately lead to the destruction of our First Amendment rights — specifically, the Freedom of Religion. These fears were realized in Kentucky yesterday when a county clerk was ordered by the Supreme Court to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples…

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Same-sex marriage ruling used to defend polygamy

August 31, 2015
Polygamy cake

Leading up to the Obergefell v. Hodges decision by the Supreme Court—that’s the case that opened the floodgates to same-sex marriage nationwide—Conservatives and Christians worldwide raised their concerns about the “slippery slope” America would likely find herself on as a result of changing the definition of marriage. Basically, if the definition was no longer to be a union between one man/one woman, then anything called “marriage” would be valid. This concern wasn’t an abstract concern. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, in his dissenting opinion, had this to say about this very thing: “It’ is striking how much of the…

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NAACP taking attack on the South to the next level

July 16, 2015
Booker T Washington

When Nikki Haley, the RINO Republican governor of South Carolina, caved to demands by politically-correct extremists and their attempts to rewrite the history of the South and the Confederate flag, a promise was made that this would bring “unity” to a divided country. But alas, as is always the case when dealing with the PC-Left, nothing is over until they say it’s over. Instead of putting the fire out, her actions have helped to fuel the blaze as it spreads across the rest of the South. Richard Rose, the president of the Atlanta NAACP (or should that be NAAPC?), is…

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State Supreme Courts can reverse SCOTUS same-sex marriage ruling

July 15, 2015
Homosexual - Marriage Redefined

As I wrote a few days ago, recent actions by the federal government are chipping away at our constitutional rights. As serious as that threat has become, there are signs that people are waking up to those rights and how they can be used to stem the tide of tyranny. The Alabama Supreme Court has been petitioned to consider the damage done to the states and the U.S. Constitution by the Supreme Court’s decision in the Obergefell v. Hodges case that legalized same-sex marriage before it determines how the ruling will apply to Alabama. The Liberty Counsel filed a brief…

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The Confederate Flag and the death of the Constitution

July 13, 2015
RG III quote about tyranny

As she led the ceremony removing the Confederate flag from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol—the same flag she defended during her re-election in 2014—one time conservative and now a puppet of the politically correct, Governor Nikki Haley, proclaimed: “It is a new day in South Carolina, a day we can all be proud of, a day that truly brings us all together as we continue to heal, as one people and one state.” The flag was removed after being convicted without a trial as an accessory to the murder of nine parishioners by a crazy man. It…

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