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Muslim immigration should be halted in wake of Chattanooga terrorism attack

July 27, 2015
Islam will rule the world

We ought to halt all legal immigration and refugee resettlement from Muslim-majority countries and declare an indefinite moratorium — until two changes occur. First, we must devise a better way to identify and deny admission not only to terrorists but also to persons who sympathize with radical Islamism. It will surprise the average American to learn we are not capable of doing that today. The need for those new rules is highlighted by a recent poll showing over 40% of Muslims in the US would like to see Sharia law imposed, and an alarming number admit a sympathy for ISIS…

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Gen. Wesley Clark wants U.S. citizens put in internment camps

July 22, 2015
Japanese internment camp

Retired General Wesley Clark, a former presidential candidate for the Democrat party and the past supreme allied commander of NATO, was a vocal critic of George W. Bush’s response to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; saying that Bush overreacted in a way that violated the civil liberties of everyday Americans. Constitutional rights? That was so yesterday. In a recent interview on MSNBC, Clark called for the use of domestic internment camps—like the ones used for Japanese Americans during World War II—to be used to round-up Americans who are disloyal, and potentially disloyal, to the…

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All we are saying is give a nuclear Iran a chance!

July 16, 2015
Iran nuke deal

Ah, Quds Day. A day where peaceful Iranians can come together and celebrate the last Friday of the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan. How inspiring it is to witness so many people unite for the common goal of wiping Israel of the face of earth. Way back in 1979, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini co-opted Ebrahim Yazdi’s idea of a anti-Zionist parade, and turned it into something far more destructive, declaring: “I ask all the Muslims of the world and the Muslim governments to join together to sever the hand of this usurper (Israel) and its supporters. I ask God Almighty for…

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Obama cuts military while the world grows more dangerous

July 8, 2015

ISIS is marching nearly unopposed across the Middle East murdering men, women and children as they spread terror and fear on their way to establishing a caliphate; President Vladimir Putin of Russia is becoming more aggressive with each passing day—he put 40,000 Russian troops on full alert for military exercises in March—as he spreads a new brand of communism around the world; and China is building a massive military presence on man-made islands in the South China Sea. So what, if anything, is Obama doing with the U.S. military to prepare America to deal with this increasingly dangerous world? He’s…

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Obama would rather pay ISIS than kill them

June 25, 2015
Obama ISIS Strategy

After recently admitting that his administration didn’t have a “complete strategy” to deal with the rising threat of ISIS, Obama announced a new executive order that establishes several new policies in an effort to make his policy more complete, specifically when kidnapped Americans are involved. Don’t get too excited—he isn’t launching a new military strategy to wipe out ISIS. Instead, his directive will establish a new hostage response group within the U.S. government to serve as the middle man in negotiations between terrorists and the families of hostages taken by terrorist groups. His plan, announced during a White House press…

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