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1.6 million letters tell Congress to stop ObamaNet

April 1, 2015

About a month ago, George Soro’s financially backed plan to see government control of the internet became a reality when the FCC announced its Net Neutrality regulations. These new rules altered the Title II of the Communications Act and created an environment that makes it possible for the government to regulate our computers in the same way it regulates utility and phone companies. Following this extreme power grab, the free-market advocacy group American Commitment mobilized over 500,000 concerned citizens to send letters to Congress expressing their concerns about the rise of “ObamaNet.” The total number of letters sent was over 1.6 million. Each constituent sent…

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Obama wants “Vote or Die” to become law

March 20, 2015
Vote or Die

As time goes by, I’m more and more convinced that if Obama really did teach the Constitution in college, he didn’t do so in order to learn how to live by it. I’m certain that his area of expertise on the Constitution is finding ways to beat the document that he once said was a document of “negative liberties.” Obamacare. Executive amnesty for illegal aliens. The Environmental Protection Agency. The Federal Communications Commission. These are just a few of the examples that clearly demonstrate Obama’s love of mandates. Recently, he did it again during a speech in Cleveland, OH. when…

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Free-speech hypocrisy on college campuses

March 16, 2015
Political Correctness

The past week was a rough one for free speech in America. Two students at the University of Oklahoma have been expelled by the university’s president for their role in producing a video that contained “racist chants.” They were immediately expelled –no investigation, no hearing, and no defense allowed. Presumably, the “university community” could not tolerate any delay in ending and condemning the contamination of its heretofore pristine political culture. If you think that even students’ offensive speech should be protected under the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, you would be wrong according to university President David Boren,…

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George Soros and socialist group are behind Net Neutrality

March 13, 2015
George Soros Buying America

Just a few weeks ago, we learned that the FCC was proceeding with their 300 pages of regulations that essentially gave the government complete control over the internet while shutting down free speech. But did you know that ultra-liberal socialist George Soros was the force behind the takeover? Supposedly, these new regulations were necessary in order to “level the playing field,” protecting small businesses and middle-income households against discrimination from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). But when one of the groups who advocated this so-called “level playing field” is called Free Press; when the FCC cited pro-neutrality arguments by Free Press…

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Free speech banned in public schools

September 18, 2014
Free speech banned in public schools

When conservatives point out the obvious liberal bent in public education, along with the absence of teaching anything dealing with morality, we are often treated to a chorus of politically correct excuses for their behavior; sprinkled with a good dose of “we don’t want to offend ‘x’ group,” and topped off with a reminder that the Constitution requires a separation of Church and State—which of course, it doesn’t. Still, recent actions by school districts across the nation remind us how important it is to take back our public education system from the liberals and their high-priced teacher’s unions. For instance, school officials at Ramay…

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