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Germany commits energy and economic suicide. Is America next?

December 16, 2014
How green energy works

Perhaps when Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel was a child, she attended a party and was the only one who came without a present, or was wearing inappropriate attire—and the embarrassment she felt haunts her to this day. That’s how psychodynamic psychology (Freud) might explain her December 3 decision to spend more money on Germany’s failing energy experiment to avoid, as Reuters puts it : “the embarrassment of missing her government’s goal of a 40 percent reduction of emissions by 2020.” As Europe’s biggest economy, Germany has also embraced the biggest carbon dioxide reductions through a program known as “Energiewende”—or, in English,…

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Welcome to the O-zone—where economic development is a zero-sum game

December 9, 2014
System change not climate change

Late in the day on Thanksgiving eve, when no one was paying attention, the Obama administration released its Unified Agenda—a regulatory roadmap of thousands of regulations being finalized in 2015. Within the bundle of more than 3000 regulations is a rule on ozone that President Obama himself, in 2011, “put on ice” in an effort to reduce “regulatory burdens and regulatory uncertainty, particularly as our economy continues to recover.” Regarding the 2011 decision that shocked environmental groups, the New York Times (NYT) recently stated: “At the time, Mr. Obama said the regulation would impose too severe a burden on industry…

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It’s time for tough love on tax credits for the mature wind industry

December 2, 2014
Wind energy subsidies

A pending vote on a tax-extenders package—that would have a slim chance of passage in the new Congress—will reveal whether or not Congress learned anything from the 2014 midterms. Throughout 2014, since the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for the wind energy industry expired on December 31, 2013, lobbyists from the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) have pushed Congress to vote to retroactively revive the PTC. The lame duck session provides their last opportunity. The PTC provides one of the best examples of the worst kind of taxpayer waste being considered in a tax-extenders deal. The largest benefactors of the credit…

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Dear Northeast, How’s that solar working out for ya?

November 25, 2014

A couple of months ago, National Grid, one of Massachusetts’ two dominant utilities, announced rate increases of a “whopping” 37 percent over last year. Other utilities in the region are expected to follow suit. Why, when natural gas prices are at historic lows that have been predicted to lower electricity rates, is the Northeast facing double-digit increases? Changes have been mandated, but the replacements aren’t ready yet. New England has seen one big power plant close within the past year: Salem Harbor Power Station in Salem, Massachusetts—which went “dark” on June 1. Another major closure is scheduled within weeks: Vermont…

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A fake solution to a fake problem from a fake president

November 19, 2014
Global warming hoax

Barack Obama: the savior of the world . . . oh, I’m sorry. I was reading from the MSNBC script. Let’s start again. The self-proclaimed savior of the environment—remember when he promised to stop the rising ocean levels?—announced a worthless agreement with China to fight global warming. Worthless, because it does nothing to actually stop global warming. It will, however, provide cover for the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) as it prepares to take some of the most extreme steps to shut down power plants with new rules on ozone, cross-state air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Not content with this so-called…

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