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Hillary Clinton Has a Problem with Lying & Emails

June 29, 2015
Hillary 2016 Run

Last week, the State Department confirmed Hillary Clinton failed to turn over all Benghazi and Libya documents, prompting the Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy, to say in a statement: “This conclusively shows her email arrangement with herself, which was then vetted by her own lawyers, has resulted in an incomplete public record.” It appears that there are 15 unavailable emails between former Bill Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary. Before I dive more into Sidney, keep in mind that last month the Daily Caller reported about his son, left-wing writer Max Blumenthal, as the architect behind…

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Rachel Dolezal’s journey spells trouble for 2020 U.S. Census

June 22, 2015
Rachel Dolezal

Maybe I am going out on a limb here, but think Rachel Dolezal is on to something. As the world now knows, Dolezal was born to Caucasian parents but “identifies” as black and represented herself as black to her employer, the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP.  Rachel’s white parents “outed” her, saying she had been lying about her race and perpetrating a fraud. The NAACP was not amused and Rachel has now resigned. Rachel lied, the lie was exposed, and now she has lost her job. End of story, right? Think again. Trust me; we have not heard the…

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We stand with Charleston, not the liberal political agenda

June 20, 2015
Charleston tragedy

We all woke up yesterday morning with the news of a terrible tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. A gunman sat with a Bible group for about an hour Wednesday evening at Emanuel AME Church, before pulling out a gun and killing nine brothers and sisters in Christ. It didn’t take long for to latch on to the race aspect of the shooting, and add fuel to an already raging inferno. The gunman was still on the loose, yet that didn’t stop them from releasing a headline that reads, “Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for.” This…

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From Jenner to D.C., multiculturalism is destroying the U.S.

June 8, 2015
Keep calm and smach cultural marxism

Pat Sajack, host of the popular television game show Wheel of Fortune, is catching flak from the guardians of diversity. This past week he tweeted out his frustration over the fact that it is getting harder for the show’s producers to come up with word puzzles because fewer and fewer contestants share a common culture. Guess what— neither does our nation. It’s not just game shows that suffer the consequences of this loss. But the real tragedy is that our cultural elites see this as progress. Welcome to the brave new world of American multiculturalism. From a nation of diverse…

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Thank you, Ann Coulter, for ‘Adios, America!’

June 1, 2015
Ann Coulter - Adios America

Ann Coulter’s new book, “Adios, America!” is a collection and explanation of little-known facts about the cascading failures of U.S. immigration policy. But it is also more than that. The book tells the story of 50 years of cultural sabotage. The title predicts the consequences of the 50 years of cultural and political folly set in motion by Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration “reform”: America is disappearing. The replacement of the largely libertarian America of our fathers by a multicultural socialist utopia – the dream of three generations of Marxists and assorted progressives – is a fate and a destination now…

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