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Governor Death Says Don’t Fear The Reaper

June 28, 2011
Governor Death Says Don’t Fear The Reaper

What’s the deal with liberals and their obsession with death? Don’t want that baby? Kill it before it’s born. Or if you’re Obama, after it survives the abortion. Don’t feel like life’s worth living? How about some assisted suicide? Want to cut healthcare costs? Establish death panels to decide who gets healthcare and who gets sent home to die. At least that’s what the former governor of Colorado, “Dick” Lamm, said needed to be done in a recent opinion piece for the Denver Post. Of course, he didn’t actually use the term “death panel.” Instead, he used a word he thought…

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Obama Told The Truth About Rationing And Death Panels

February 27, 2011

It pains me to say this, but when the chosen one rebuked those of us who warned of death panels and healthcare rationing under Obamacare, it turns out he was right. There will be no government bureaucrats making life and death decisions about whether-or-not seniors will receive life-saving healthcare. Of course, what he didn’t tell you in his nationally televised denial was that instead of government bureaucrats, there will be non-government bureaucrats receiving funds from Obamacare that will make those decisions. In an announcement that received little to no coverage from the Obama Pep Squad – you and I know them as…

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