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Eco-extremists want to change the system – not the environment

September 29, 2014
System change not climate change

“Extremist voices and groups have hijacked Islam and misappropriated the right to speak on its behalf,” Iyad Ameen Madani, secretary-general of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, told the 25th Session of the Arab Summit earlier this year. Surely sincere lovers of nature can similarly see that extremists have hijacked the environmental movement, as evidenced by the People’s Climate March last week in New York City and the subsequent UN Climate Summit. The People’s Climate March had little to do with the climate. The eco-extremists want to “change the system.” While reported numbers vary, hundreds of thousands of people clogged (and littered) the…

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Conservative Comedy 6/27/14

June 27, 2014

It’s time for some Conservative Comedy at the Strident Conservative. As I do every Friday, I bring you some of the best Conservative political satire on the internet, sure to provide a good laugh to begin your weekend. Hard on the heels of Hillary Clinton claiming to be “dead broke” after leaving the White House, Joe Biden has announced that he has neither a savings account nor any investments to provide for his own needs after leaving office. It’s unclear whether he will have to engage in demeaning hourly labor like Hillary (although $200,000 an hour for giving speeches isn’t…

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If I Wanted America To Fail

April 24, 2012

Did you celebrate “Earth Day” this past weekend? Want to know the real story about how radical environmentalism is bringing about America’s certain failure? Check out this video released by Free Market America for a sobering revelation about how the tree-huggers are not only making it hard to get out of our current recession, they are laying the foundation for the destruction of the free-market economy. This should actually be Obama’s campaign video, because as are told at the end of the video: “If I wanted America to fail I…I suppose I wouldn’t change a thing.” Sounds about like what will…

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Obama’s 2013 Budget? Greece Is The Word

February 16, 2012

As we discovered during a fundraising event held at the Apollo a few weeks ago, Obama considers himself somewhat a songster on par with “Al Green,” so when the Spender-in-Chief presented his all-time record budget proposal for 2013, I thought it should come with a theme song that would reflect his attitude about government spending. I chose the theme song for the musical Grease and used a homophone that replaces “grease” with “Greece.” As you will see from some of the lyrics below, this song perfectly describes Obama’s 2013 budget, as well as his overall political philosophy. I saw my problems and I’ll see the light We got a lovin’…

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Pravda Declares Capitalism Dead

June 10, 2009
Pravda Declares Capitalism Dead

When Hugo Chavez declared last week that he and Fidel Castro risk being more conservative than U.S. President Barack Obama, it was easy to write it off as being nothing more than propoganda. But when the major publication of the former Soviet Union declares the death of capitalism in America, it should be a reason to stand up and take notice. Since the election, Comrade Obama has been bringing his U.S. version of Perestroika to the once great nation of America. Perestroika was the political philosophy of Mikhail Gorbachev in the 1980’s, and it’s literal meaning is “restructuring.” HMMMM…  Change? Restructuring? Is it…

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