State Of The Union Goes Green

In a move meant to demonstrate a firm commitment to the environment and reducing government spending, the White House announced a new “green” initiative in tonight’s State of the Union address.

You may have noticed that nearly all of the President’s speech to the nation last night was little more than rehashed campaign promises and policy positions. While this may be considered a demonstration of poor leadership by a man lacking the ideas and experience to be President, we have now learned that this is by design.

“By recycling bits and pieces of literally hundreds of speeches given as both a candidate and President, this administration has taken specific steps meant to save resources and money for the American people,” said Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.

“The reuse of old talking points and campaign promises saves on man hours, paper and even the electricity used by Mr. T, the president’s teleprompter – not to mention making life easier for the greatest President in American history.”

When asked if recycling could be responsible for creating the perception that Obama’s policy ideas lack specifics, the White House quickly denied those accusations.

“The idea that the President fails to provide specifics on how to accomplish his goals comes mostly from right-wing media outlets like FOX News and are totally unfounded,” Gibbs insisted. “In fact, this vagueness is as much a part of the Administration’s Green policies as anything else.”

“For instance, when the President insists that ‘something’ be done concerning border control, his lack of specifics allows others to contribute to the solution while he takes the credit. In addition, it allows him to reuse that statement an unlimited number of times while making it sound like the President is actually doing something about it.”

“It’s a win-win for the Administration. . . Oops, I mean the American people.”

Some of the recycled topics included in last night’s speech were:

  • Blaming Bush – From the economy to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, this old stand-by of refusing to take personal responsibility and instead blame his predecessor for the ineffectiveness of his administration was apparent numerous times.
  • Blaming Republicans – Even though his party has held a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, as well as a strong majority in the House of Representatives, Obama blamed the “party of NO” for hindering his radical left-wing agenda.
  • Blame Lobbyist– While claiming he has excluded lobbyists from “policy making jobs, or seats on federal boards and commissions,” Obama has not “excluded” lobbyists from his administration at all. In fact, he’s hired over a dozen for key posts, and the AP notes seven of those waivers were for White House positions.
  • More government – As has been the case since his days as a community organizer, the only solution to America’s problems is bigger, more expensive government.
  • Jobs saved or created– This one is getting close to the end of it’s recyclability. No verifiable method for measuring a “saved” job exists. It’s a bogus number that even the messiah’s own people couldn’t agree on this past weekend. By the way, did you notice that the only jobs he mentioned were mostly government jobs?
  • Clean energy jobs – Even though the number of jobs created by “renewable” energy has been negligible, and the wages are below average compared to others in the energy sector, Obama stayed true to the philosophy of Van Jones and reused this loser to “demand” a Jobs Bill and various tax credits.
  • Climate Bill – This one sort of “piggy-backed” on the clean energy jobs mentioned above. It’s better known name is “Cap and Trade” and it’s code for more money for government to spend in the name of cleaning up the environment. He also recycled the “settled science” arguement to stifle any disagreements on the whole “climate change” lie.
  • Education, education, education – This one is a classic for all liberals. After all, how can anyone be opposed to “the children?” Of course, his ideas for improving in this area involved spending billions of dollars in grants and loans, and as we all know, spending more and more on education has been so successful in the past, hasn’t it?
  • There were also numerous references to other words used often by the Obama, such as: Change – Values – Politics as usual – Bipartisan – I, me, my and other self-centered words.

In the Obama White House, recycling isn’t just something you do with aluminum cans, so get used to it America.

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