The solution that will solve the health care crisis overnight


Solutions, solutions, solutions! The fight for freedom in health care doesn’t have to end with failure to repeal Obamacare. We are joined by Ohio statehouse Rep. Jim Butler (R), a one-man think tank on health care, who shares with us some of the reforms to health care (not just insurance) he is pushing for in Ohio — reforms that can be replicated on a federal level.

Why should insurance companies and hospitals, which are propped up by every tool of government, be allowed to price-fix and not have to send their charges to individuals before a service is rendered? This reform alone would apply market forces to health care and solve much of the problem. The hospital cartel is fighting his law in court because they know it will end the scam of using taxpayer funds to price-fix consumers out of the market. They want to continue the venture socialist racket of using the statutory, regulatory, subsidy benefits from the government in order to box out competition and distort consumer demand.

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