Russia Talks Nuclear Weapons – Barry Talks Golf

ObamaGolfWhile Russian President Dmitry Medvedev informed the Obama Administration that any nuclear arms treaty with the U.S. would have to include modifications to America’s plans for a missle defense shield, the President expressed the difficulties he’s been having with his golf game.

In a just-released transcript of his interview with Russian state-run Rossiya TV and the ITAR-TASS news agency, the Golfer-in-Chief revealed how he doesn’t like his golf swing and the how ball never goes where he wants. This has weighed heavily on Barry’s mind, because he feels he should be really good at golf and has spent nearly all of his weekends working on his game. He was even using golf analogies last week in an interview with the Associated Press.   

“I think Putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new,” Obama said in the interview.

Putin responded quickly. “We don’t know how to stand so awkwardly with our legs apart. We stand solidly on our own two feet and always look into the future.”

OK, now I get it. Barry wasn’t being his typical, selfish, ego-centrical self…

… he thought Putin and Medvedev were asking him for golf advice.

In related news – White House staffers will neither confirm or deny that Obama will apologize to the Russian people for the Reagan Administration, his winning the Cold War and how he destroyed their economy through his “peace through strength” policies.


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