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02-21-18 Minority Report Act of 2018: A law guaranteed to end gun violence

02-20-18 Gun control: Washington doublespeak used to void the Second Amendment

02-19-18 Chameleon Mitt Romney tries changing colors from blue to red in U.S. Senate bid

02-16-18 That tax-cut money Trump and the GOP gave you? They want it back!

02-15-18 Mitt Romney will run to replace Orrin Hatch in the DC swamp

02-13-18 GOP’s budget treachery: Financial Armageddon is just the beginning

02-12-18 Turn out the lights, the (TEA) party’s over

02-09-18 GOP-controlled Washington surrenders to Democrats in budget battle

02-08-18 Special elections portend extinction of Republicrats and Trumplicans

02-07-18 Republicans join Democrats to spend more money and bankrupt America

02-06-18 Trump accuses those who disagree with him of treason

02-05-18 Wisconsin GOP offers choice of either a RINO or a racist for Congress

02-02-18 GOP post-retreat priorities: More budget band-aids and saving Obamacare

02-01-18 Trump/Nunes anti-FBI memo created for one reason: Taking down Mueller


01-31-18 Trump’s SOTU pushed agenda loved by Obama and a majority of Americans

01-30-18 Liberty Alert: White House considers federal takeover of America’s 5G wireless network

01-29-18 Immigration and terrorism: Trump continues trading freedom for “safety and security”

01-26-18 Trump’s DACA fix keeps his promise to “take care of everybody”

01-25-18 The T in Trump stands for tariffs and trade wars

01-24-18 Cheap grace, Nazi Germany, and the future of America: A second look

01-23-18 Will GOP cave on DACA lead to biometric National ID cards?

01-22-18 Porngate further exposes Trump and the Fellowship of the Pharisees

01-19-18 Joe Arpaio calls criticizing Trump an act of treason

01-18-18 Planned Parenthood providing sex-change hormones to children

01-17-18 GOP’s government shutdown threat is same one-act comedy we’ve seen before

01-16-18 Jeff Flake says Trump’s fake news attacks sound like Stalin, but…

01-15-18 GOP plays pro-life card in an election year bluff for votes

01-12-18 Trump and the GOP a.k.a. Harvey Two-Face and friends

01-11-18 Trump keeps promise to kill First Amendment’s freedom of the press

01-10-18 Donald Trump and Jeb Bush: All you need is love (amnesty) to fix DACA

01-09-18 House Committee to vote on voiding Fourth Amendment rights

01-08-18 Trump to receive Wile E. Coyote Award for being a genius

01-05-18 Trump abandons building border wall in order to save DACA

01-04-18 Will Trump and the GOP ever defund Planned Parenthood?

01-03-18 Orrin Hatch is out, Mitt Romney is in, and conservatism dies in Utah

01-02-18 Trump finally tells the truth by lying about rescinding DACA


12-29-17 2018 Resolutions: Advance conservatism, Federalist Party, and Convention of States

12-27-17 Orrin Hatch is a favorite of Trump and McConnell, but not Utah voters

12-26-17 LGBT culture war sees transgenders make major advances in 2017

12.20-17 Trump’s hostile takeover of the Heritage Foundation is now complete

12-19-17 “Femicrat” Kirsten Gillibrand uses Trump and abortion to fuel White House run

12-18-17 Trump betrays conservatives: Nominates anti-Christian, pro-LGBT activist to EEOC

12-15-17 Special elections and Trump’s low job approval point to Democrat landslide in 2018

12-14-17 Leaders of character are the casualties in Bannon’s war on the establishment

12-13-17 AL election shows how evangelicals are destroying conservatism in America

12-12-17 Rep. Pete King once again advocates destroying liberty to end terrorism

12-11-17 The Gospel according to Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi

12-07-17 Mark Meadows’ and Freedom Caucus’ fake concern over budget deficit

12-06-17 Trump wants to create a secret spy agency that reports only to him

12-05-17 From local government to the White House, the war on the Constitution continues

12-04-17 GOP tax reform bill will save Obamacare and DACA

12-01-17 Trump lies for the third time this year about moving Embassy to Jerusalem


11-30-17 Donald Trump: Tax reform will “cost me a fortune, believe me”

11-29-17 GOP tax reform isn’t “historic” and it provides little “relief”

11-28-17 Washington Post gets it wrong; Trump and GOP will save DACA

11-27-17 Under Trump and the GOP, we’ve crossed over into the Twilight Zone

11-23-17 Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving declaration to a divided nation

11-22-17 Atlanta fire chief canned for politically incorrect LGBT book gets day in court

11-21-17 Ivanka promotes Democrat-friendly tax-reform plan Hillary would love

11-20-17 Hey, Jeff Flake! The GOP is already toast!

11-17-17 Church of England joins LGBT forces in the culture war and children are the casualties

11-16-17 Two wrongs don’t make a right, unless you’re Trump and the GOP

11-15-17 Scientists’ warning of environmental doom paves way for socialism and abortion

11-14-17 Congress to create national data base of children and parents to spy on them for life

11-13-17 Trump, GOP use Saul Alinsky rules to advance budget and tax reform

11-09-17 Democrats love Trump’s “winning” ways

11-08-17 Post-Constitutional America and the Second Amendment

11-07-17 Climate change and Donald Trump: Hoax and hoaxer

11-06-17 PINO and RINOs promote TRINO: Tax reform in-name-only

11-03-17 Clarence Thomas shares concern about our dying Constitution

11-02-17 Donald “Judge Dredd” Trump calls US justice “a joke and a laughingstock”

11-01-17 Snowflake considers free speech a “threat to America”