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05-01-17 GOP no longer the home of Conservatives

05-02-17 GOP creates pro-Democrat, anti-Conservative budget

05-03-17 What part did Trump and GOP establishment play in taking out Jim DeMint?

05-04-17 Trump’s first 100 non-conservative days in office

05-05-17 Religious Freedom EO: A big nothing burger with a side of lies

05-08-17 Trump snowflakes: It’s free speech for all or it’s free speech for none!

05-09-17 Pres. Ivanka Trump: US will stay in Paris Climate Agreement

05-10-17 For such a time as this: The Federalist Party

05-11-17 “Behind Closed Doors” the new theme song for the GOP

05-12-17 Happy Mother’s Day unless you’re LGBT

05-15-17 America moves one step closer to Ivanka’s global warming agenda

05-16-17 Trump and Ivanka launch Women’s Health Week promoting Hillary’s policies

05-17-17 Trump dumping Israel to embrace Palestinians

05-18-17 Senate taking steps to ensure Obamacare is here to stay

05-19-17 Donald Trump: Too much winning or too much whining?

05-22-17 Federalist Party and Article V: A one-two punch against Washington

05-23-17 Trump’s “evolving” view of Islam is bad news for Israel and America

05-24-17 Trump and GOP make government taxier and spendier

05-25-17 Polygamists and homosexuals working together to destroy marriage

05-26-17 Will Trump or DOJ help farmer sued for plowing his land?

05-29-17 Memorial Day 2017 – Greater love hath no man

05-30-17 After foreign trip “home run,” Trump striking out again

05-31-17 Odds are Trump will break promise to void Paris Agreement


06-01-17 GOP financing helps Planned Parenthood have banner year

06-02-17 Trump’s “in-name-only” withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

06-05-17 Senate Republicans will not be repealing Obamacare

06-06-17 Trump’s Twitter behavior going from worse to “worser”

06-07-17 New law tells parents “embrace LGBT agenda or lose your kids”

06-08-17 Gallup poll shows decline of Trump and the GOP

06-09-17 Bernie Sanders: Anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, violator of the Constitution

06-12-17 Obama EO for illegals still in effect under Trump

06-13-17 Trump demanding amnesty for DREAMers

06-14-17 “Conservatives” willing to murder unborn babies to pass healthcare

06-15-17 Kamala Harris shut down for lacking character, not for being black

06-16-17 Megyn Kelly interview with Alex Jones must go on

06-19-17 GOP fake repeal of Obamacare taking shape

06-20-17 Supreme Court rules in Snowflakes v. the Constitution

06-21-17 Trump to prosecute schools that fail to embrace transgender lie

06-22-17 Are conditions ripe for President Eric Holder?

06-26-17 Obamacare collapse now belongs to Trump and the GOP

06-27-17 What does the Supreme Court have in common with a broken clock?

06-28-17 GOP fake repeal of Obamacare coming together as planned

06-29-17 Nancy Pelosi says keeping Obamacare is God’s will

06-30-17 Trump’s Evangelical supporters owe America an apology


07-03-17 Thank God for Independence Day

07-05-17 States are right to deny voter info to Trump

07-06-17 Trump administration begins pushing Obama’s tax policies

07-07-17 Oregon mandates no-cost abortions for all, and taxpayers will foot the bill

07-10-17 Trump cements his Putin bromance at G20 Summit

07-11-17 Obama, Holder, and tyrannical judges put liberty in the crosshairs

07-12-17 The “S” in socialism stands for Seattle

07-13-17 GOP bosses will blame conservatives for inability to repeal Obamacare

07-14-17 LGBT culture war advances to the classroom

07-17-17 Trump and GOP: They are who we thought they were

07-18-17 Trump targets Jeff Flake, and that might not be a good thing

07-19-17 Trump and DOJ sweep Constitution under the rug

07-20-17 McConnell’s latest fake attempt at the fake-repeal of Obamacare

07-21-17 Six months of anti-Israel policies from Donald Trump