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11-20-17 Hey, Jeff Flake! The GOP is already toast!

11-17-17 Church of England joins LGBT forces in the culture war and children are the casualties

11-16-17 Two wrongs don’t make a right, unless you’re Trump and the GOP

11-15-17 Scientists’ warning of environmental doom paves way for socialism and abortion

11-14-17 Congress to create national data base of children and parents to spy on them for life

11-13-17 Trump, GOP use Saul Alinsky rules to advance budget and tax reform

11-09-17 Democrats love Trump’s “winning” ways

11-08-17 Post-Constitutional America and the Second Amendment

11-07-17 Climate change and Donald Trump: Hoax and hoaxer

11-06-17 PINO and RINOs promote TRINO: Tax reform in-name-only

11-03-17 Clarence Thomas shares concern about our dying Constitution

11-02-17 Donald “Judge Dredd” Trump calls US justice “a joke and a laughingstock”

11-01-17 Snowflake considers free speech a “threat to America”


10-31-17 Post-Constitutional America on the road to judicial tyranny

10-30-17 RINOs of the world rejoice! Hatch/Romney switcheroo on again!

10-27-17 Freedom Caucus’ budget vote is a betrayal to conservatives

10-26-17 Trump and GOP working on tax plan Democrats will love

10-25-17 Trump’s FCC moves us one step closer to state-run media

10-24-17 Steve Bannon’s war to give Congress back to the Democrats

10-23-17 Trump and GOP ensure Obamacare bailouts and mandates will never die

10-20-17 Trump caves to King Corn and the GOP establishment

10-19-17 Kelli Ward, fake conservatives, and the need for a new party

10-18-17 Trump and GOP bail out Obamacare to prepare for single-payer

10-17-17 Trump and McConnell pledge undying love in recommitment ceremony

10-16-17 Steve Bannon’s deplorable use of the troops for political purposes

10-13-17 Sean “The Hack” Hannity renews his Trumplican Party credentials

10-12-17 Will Trump ever stop trying to destroy the Constitution?

10-11-17 Trump continuing Obama’s unconstitutional executive order legacy

10-10-17 Trump/Corker Twitter war proves the swamp is still full

10-09-17 Kamala Harris confuses Constitution with Democrat playbook

10-06-17 Donald Trump attacks the First Amendment . . . again

10-05-17 Is GOP late-term abortion bill just more election-year politics?

10-04-17 If John Kasich leaves the GOP, we can thank Roy Moore

10-03-17 Millennials OK with surrendering right to vote to pay student loans

10-02-17 IL GOP governor’s abortion decision proves the “lesser of two evils” lie