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12-1-16 Ontario passes pro-LGBT bill destroying traditional families

12-2-16 Buzzfeed attack on HGTV stars, the 2017 NDAA, and Religious Liberty Protection laws

12-5-16 Crony Capitalist Mike Pence does convincing George W. Bush impersonation

12-6-16 Trump children setting policy, running Washington and lining their pockets

12-7-16 GOP establishment blocks effort to impeach Koskinen

12-8-16 Trump likes Obama and his pro-amnesty executive orders

12-9-16 Obama’s last days: Amnesty for illegal immigrants and betrayal of Israel

12-12-16 Gay Mafia suing LDS Church for exercising constitutional rights

12-13-16 GOP Congress OKs electronic tracking of disabled by DOJ

12-14-16 Trump names Putin’s favorite CEO as Secretary of State

12-15-16 Obama uses Arms Treaty to take one last swipe at the Second Amendment

12-16-16 9th Circuit Court rules against Second Amendment . . . again

12-19-16 Microsoft and NatGeo push LGBT and other leftist propaganda for Christmas

12-20-16 Obama advises Trump against abusing executive power . . . Really, he did!

12-21-16 Lawsuit blames social media for ISIS and Pulse Nightclub shooting

12-22-16 Newt Gingrich supports Trump’s kleptocratic ambitions

12-23-16 All I need to know about Christmas I learned from Ebenezer Scrooge

12-27-16 Jerry Falwell Jr. defends Trump: Making deals more important than social issues

12-28-16 Black Lives Matter, the police, and free speech T-shirts

12-29-16 After UN resolution and Kerry speech, is Obama saving Israel’s worst for last?

12-30-16 2017 Resolutions: Hold GOP and Trump accountable! Save the Constitution!


01-03-17 Liberals + Abortion + LGBT = Sexual Totalitarianism

01-04-17 The reason GOP attempted to kill Office of Congressional Ethics

01-05-17 GOP kneels to Trumpism and keeps most of Obamacare

01-06-17 Nanny-state liberals sue Coke for using tobacco-like deception

01-09-17 Trump and GOP throw Obamacare repeal under the bus

01-10-17 James Baker proves Rex Tillerson should be rejected as Secretary of State

01-11-17 Trump puts brakes on his promises to Israel

01-12-17 Trump uses CNN as distraction to cover ethical failures

01-13-17 Donald Trump, fake news and the US Constitution

01-16-17 Martin Luther King wouldn’t approve of Donald Trump or John Lewis

01-17-17 Obamacare and Trumpcare – Same song, different verse

01-18-17 Trump: Greatest imaginary jobs president God ever created

01-19-17 Bob Corker ignores committee and cops out on Tillerson nomination

01-20-17 Draining the swamp directly into the White House

01-23-17 Trump’s inauguration speech: The rise of FDR and the fall of Reagan

01-24-17 Rubio and Cruz trade conservative principles for compromising politics

01-25-17 GOP Establishment vs. a kingdom of conscience

01-26-17 Trump assumes command of Obama’s Gestapo

01-27-17 Trump border wall: Funded by taxes on Americans, not Mexico

01-30-17 GOP “retreat” on Obamacare and defunding Planned Parenthood

01-31-17 Inexperienced president building inexperienced National Security Council


02-01-17 LGBT sexual tyranny and the Boy Scouts of America

02-02-17 Neil Gorsuch: Next Antonin Scalia . . . or next Anthony Kennedy?

02-03-17 GOP: Obamacare repeal and replace is now retreat and repair

02-06-17 Trump adopts Obama’s policy towards Israel

02-07-17 Pusillanimous Pence defends Trump’s pro-LGBT actions

02-08-17 Katie Couric: Does Gender Revolution prove abortion is murder?

02-09-17 Carbon taxes: A plan to finance GOP and Trump’s spending addiction

02-10-17 Trump using Al Gore playbook to deal with his ethical corruption

02-13-17 Trump not a big fan of Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments

02-14-17 Donald Trump: Making Corporate Welfare Great Again

02-15-17 House Freedom Caucus and GOP establishment in Obamacare smackdown

02-16-17 Greg Abbott defends women and children after NFL threat over TX bathroom bill

02-17-17 GOP replacing earmarks with “congressionally directed spending”