Oil Production Is Up – It’s Bush’s “Fault”

Obama – the President who turned “blame Bush” into a policy and procedures manual in the White House – has chosen to ignore one of the biggest opportunities his administration has had to put the whole oil issue at the feet of his predecessor.

The reason he is choosing to pass on this opportunity is because it deals with an increase in domestic drilling, for which he is taking credit. Of course, it has nothing to do with his anti-oil energy policies, but rather increases in the private sector and the policies of the Bush Administration.

Industry analysts say production is rising — not because of President Obama, but in spite of him.

“Today on federal land, the area where the president has control, production in the Gulf of Mexico is down 30 percent. Lease sales in Rocky Mountains on federal lands are down 70 percent,” Jack Gerard, head of the American Petroleum Institute said.

He says the president has put 85 percent of the outer continental shelf off limits and overall, is only making 3 percent of the areas under his control available for development.

It would be easy for the oilphobes in the Administration to dismiss this statement due to the source, but the facts – something else Obama likes to dismiss – prove their denials are without merit.

Lefties have always embraced the free-market reality that it takes 5-10 years for new oil to reach the market and therefore, new drilling would do nothing to improve gas prices now. In fact, they have actually used that as a reason not to drill new wells. No, really, they have (as seen in this 2008 interview).

“It will make no difference today, it will make no difference tomorrow, it will make no difference ten years from now.”  These were the words of Dan Weiss, a representative of the leftist Center for American Progress last Monday in an interview on CNBC, just one or two short hours after President Bush lifted the executive order banning oil and gas drilling in US waters on the Outer Continental Shelf.

I guess it was just a coincidence that oil posted record price drops immediately afterward – just from the Bush decision alone, right?

And, I guess it’s just a coincidence that in light of Obama’s decision to decrease new oil leases, oil and gas prices have reached near record levels.

It really does take 5-10 years for new oil to reach the market, so the fact that oil production has increased every year under the Obama Administration has NOTHING to do with Obama. Today’s oil production is a result of policy decisions made under the previous Administration.

In other words, it’s Bush’s “fault.”

Check out this new ad that spells things out pretty clear:

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