Obamacare Re-education Will Create Jobs And End Homelessness

When Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius made her startling announcement on the All Barack Channel (ABC) about the need for a major “re-education” effort in order to correct the numerous misconceptions about Obamacare, there was a bit of an uproar in many conservative circles.

However, I think this reaction from my conservative brethren is a bit short-sighted. In reality, this could be an effort by the messiah and his communist progressive marxist socialist democrat advisers to finally address the faltering economy and the 8% nearly 10% unemployment rate.

Here’s how I see it.

As he has done with his other socialist initiatives, the messiah likes to follow the model of other nations, because as we all know, Obama is a citizen of the world who is all about being liked by other countries while destroying everything about America.

One nation he has become very familiar with in his presidency is the buyer of his record-setting debt, China. And it’s The Land of the Rising Sun where he has found the inspiration and guidance for this latest initiative.

While technically a part of their prison system, the Chinese used forced labor as a tool in the re-education process. In fact, it was actually called “re-education through labor.”

Now, before you misunderstand, this wasn’t some sort of “slave” labor where task masters beat you into submission. In fact, when Mao wasn’t killing his fellow citizens, he was actually paying them a small salary along with room and board in the form of camps housing that was seperate from the general prison population.

Wow, re-education with a salary AND housing? Sounds like a deal to me.

So now we see where the administration is actually taking us. They weren’t implying that they would introduce us to a form of some sort of George Orwell-styled 1984 brain-washing. No, they were actually laying the foundation to create a few new government jobs – the only type that Obama knows how to create – while addressing the housing crisis, homelessness and nationalized healthcare.

No wonder Chris Mathews gets a tingle up his leg whenever he thinks about Obama.

Of course, such an endeavor couldn’t be accomplished by the HHS Secretary alone. A partnership with the Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, not only makes sense, but is a perfect fit for instituting this policy.

For the uninitiated, Solis has Communist ties, is a former leader in the Democratic Socialists of America and was a part of the Congressional Progressive Caucus when she was “representing” the 32nd Congressional District of California (she left when she became Labor Secretary).

Gee, a socialist progressive from California, who would have thought?

Anyway, her background and experience in communist-styled government makes her an invaluable tool in the administration’s re-education effort. Heck, if she can promise illegal aliens equal pay for illegally working in the United States, she can surely pull off this one.

So, there you have it.

Secretary Sebelius might have sounded like Big Brother when she suggested re-educating those of us too stupid to know what a great deal Obamacare is, but I think she was actually announcing a plan by the annointed one that would educate the public while providing the much-needed jobs and housing for an economy on the verge of another recession.

If you thought this year’s “Recovery Tour” was special, wait until you see next year’s “Re-education Tour.”

Re-education will provide healthcare, jobs and a roof over our heads. Now THAT’S change we can believe in.

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