Obama Truly Is “The One”

In a sneak preview of the paperback release of Sen. Harry Reid’s newest book, it has come to light that not only was he involved in convincing Barry to run for office, but he also confirmed the great humility of “The One.”

Scripture references taken from the Book Of Reid, translated as “The Good Fight”

And it came to pass, that the messiah, whom the masses called Obama, did speak unto the Elders known as the Senate concerning the war policies of the Evil One, George Bush. And they were exceedingly pleased with the words he had spoken unto them, for he spoke the progressive truth, as one with authority and knowledge of which he spoke.

And having their ears tickled, the prophet Harry Reid did speak unto the messiah, saying, “Thou hast spoken in a most phenominal manner, my lord.” The messiah, thus hearing the words that the prophet spake unto him replied with great humility saying, “I have a gift, Harry.”

And it pleased the prophet Reid.

After these things, the prophet Reid was filled with the spirit of facio-socialism, and being such, spake again to the messiah saying, “Thou art truly the one, and laying his hands on Obama, he prophesied saying, “If thou dost desire, thou shouldest become the leader of our people, America. For low, the stars have aligned for thee and they are proclaiming the day of the lord.”

And the messiah treasured these things in his heart, saying, “though I may doubt that thou dost speak the truth, even so, I will seek the position of President of the United States and bring the change my people seek.

And all the people shouted in unison, “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!” And it was good.

So, now we know that Barry Hussein Obama is indeed the chosen one. Please stand as we sing praises to “the one….”