Obama Loses Original Speech – Recycles One From Carter

In a startling admission today, an unnamed source within the Obama administration admitted that the speech the messiah gave last night from the Oval Office wasn’t the one he planned on giving – in fact, it wasn’t even his own.

“We were just a few minutes from going on the air, when the original speech disappeared. As we scoured the Oval Office, we came across an old speech given by Jimmy Carter that was almost exactly like the one the President was going to give,” said the source.

“After adding a few lines about the oil spill, along with some self-aggrandizing talk about how the President has everything under control, we loaded it into the teleprompter and went with it.”

When asked why they didn’t just let Obama “wing it,” the source laughed and deferred to another question. Then the source was asked about the similarities between the two speeches. The following list was provided:

  1. Carter referred to his oil crisis as a “battlefield” – Obama referred to his as a “battle.”
  2. Carter used his crisis as a call to develop alternative energy – Obama is using his for the same thing.
  3. Carter promised to “seize control of our common destiny” – Obama promised to “seize control of our own destiny.”
  4. Carter demanded a tax on oil companies to pay for alternative energy – Obama demanded new taxes in the form of Cap and Trade
  5. Carter created an Energy Mobilization Board – Obama created a National Commission
  6. Carter invoked WWII to reinforce his “war” on oil – Obama invoked WWII for the same reason
  7. Carter demanded Congress act immediately – Obama demanded Congress act immediately
  8. Carter blamed Congress and Washington insiders for his problems – Obama has been blaming others since the day he was sworn in
  9. Carter used God to close his speech – Obama used God to close his speech

But the similarities didn’t end with just the words of their speeches, there were other similarities as well:

  1. Carter used the Oval Office for his speech to look Presidential – Barry did it for the same reason
  2. Carter used the oil crisis to cover up his foreign policy weaknesses – So did Obama
  3. Carter used an imaginary oil shortage for political advantage – Obama is creating an oil shortage with his 6-month moratorium for the same reason
  4. Energy costs skyrocketed due to Carter’s policies – They will do the same thing under Obama’s

Upon reviewing both speeches, it’s clear that the Administration had no choice but to admit that they weren’t using original material last night. I guess it was a good thing for the President that they found a speech from a President that is so similar to Obama.

On the otherhand, I guess it was a sad thing for America that they found a speech from a President that is so similar to Obama.


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