Obama Goes To The Enemy’s Camp

At long last, the chosen one has decided. . . to decide. . . on a decision. . . concerning the war in Afghanistan.

Of course, he had to find a suitable photo op to make his announcement, even if it meant he had to go the the “enemy’s camp,” as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews labeled it.

Enemy Camp? Really, Chris? The Commander-in-Chief goes to West Point Academy to make a major announcement concerning the war he often referred to as the “right war” during his campaign – to a group of some of the future military leaders of America – the very troops he supposedly commands – and “Mr. Thrill up his leg” labels that enemy territory.

Gee, I though the radical Muslim terrorists were the enemy – silly me. 

If you ever needed proof of the left-wing’s disdain of the military, not to mention the liberal bias found at MSNBC, you have the perfect example right there. Liberals don’t honor the military – they tolerate it.

It took the Vacillator-in-Chief nearly four months to make this decision, primarily because he had to find a way to look like a military leader and still appease the radical left-wing peace-nics of his party.

It didn’t work.

Instead, he delivered a professorial-sounding speech that literally put many in the audience to sleep. Perhaps boredom is something that Matthews considers enemy behavior. But why would tomorrow’s military leaders be bored while listening to their commander? Perhaps it’s because it had little to do with their mission, and everything to do with Barry’s ego.

Michelle Malkin noted the following from the speech this evening:

  • Bush-bashing? Check.
  • Noxious complaining about the cost of fighting a necessary war? Check.
  • Disingenuous denial that he dithered? Check.
  • “Let me be clear”s = 9.
  • Self-congratulations for sticking to Gitmo closure policy = 1.
  • Self-referential “As your Commander-in-Chief”s = 2.
  • References to global jihad = 0.

Paul Mirengoff of “Power Line” summed up tonight’s “decision” perfectly. . .

The president’s salesmanship, much of it quite defensive, made for an uninspiring speech. Obama attempted to compensate by closing with a rhetorical bang. But, ever the salesman, he felt compelled to offer something for everyone. First, he expressed his solidarity with the left by patting himself on the back for opposing “torture” and for closing Gitmo (one day).

Then, having gone on forever without receiving applause, Obama finally shifted the speech away from himself and onto his country. He spoke eloquently about how the U.S. has underwritten the security of the world for six decades, without seeking domination, territory, or resources in return.

It was too little, too late as far as I was concerned, but it finally brought Obama applause. Perhaps there’s a lesson in this for the president.

Maybe the lesson for Barry is to stop treating the war he supported as a political liability. Maybe it’s the lesson that when you are making an announcement to a group of men and women about something that could cost them their lives, you should remember that it’s not “all about you.”  Maybe his lesson is that the campaign for President is over and it’s time to actually be the President.

And for left-wing morons like Matthews, maybe it would be good to remember that West Point isn’t enemy territory.


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