Obama Goes Into Hiding – I Mean On Vacation

obamavacationWith his approval ratings dropping faster than any President since Jimmy Carter (an interesting coincidence, huh?), Barry, Michelle and the girls have embarked on their summer vacation.

And just like every other American in today’s post-economic stimulus economy, they are going to enjoy their time off at an exclusive 28 acre estate located in Martha’s Vineyard located near Cape Cod, Mass., where properties typically rent for around $35,000 – $50,000 per week.

Wow, he really is just like the rest of us, isn’t he?

Of course, unlike President Bush, who was constantly berated when he spent any time away from the White House, the messiah has earned his vacation.

Heck, in his 6+ months in office, he’s already led a government takeover of the auto, banking and mortgage industries, not to mention his recent takeover (oops, I mean makeover) attempt of the nation’s healthcare system.

He’s also traveled more than any President in U.S. history (has anyone told him that you don’t earn frequent flyer miles on Air Force One?) and has appeared on T.V. more than any President – the latter due primarily to his friends at No Barack Criticism television, commonly known as NBC.

In fact, he’s been so busy that fewer than half of his top cabinet appointees are in place, and he’s only been able to take the Presidential plane on one “date night” trip to New York City for a Broadway play and dinner with Michelle. One date night in NYC? No wonder she thinks America is a “downright mean country.” 

Perhaps more beneficial than any rest he might enjoy, this break from the grind of pushing his radical agenda gives Barry something every President in his position really needs – political cover. While he’s busy reading and not talking to the press, he doesn’t have to face his policy failures and falling approval ratings.

Something tells me however, that the Socialist-in-Chief is working more than he would like for us to believe. While away from Washington, Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has announced that he will appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate C.I.A. activities under the Bush administration.

Gee, what are the odds that the Bush administration hits the news again right when Barry’s approval ratings are tanking and he’s unavailable for comment?

Oh, there I go hating on the chosen one again. After all, he’s already stated that he wants to “look forward” concerning the Bush era C.I.A., didn’t he? I’m sure that Holder is allllllllllllllllllll alone on this one and Barry is back at Martha’s Vineyard practicing his golf swing.

So, have a “Barack-O-Taco” on me, Mr. President, and wash it down with a “Obamarita.” After all, you’ve earned it. 

And here’s a little montage from National Lampoon’s “Vacation” movie to get you in the mood.


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