MSNBC And Newsweek Declare “Obama Is God”

If ever there was evidence of the media’s bias in favor of the anointed one, we got a major dose of it courtesy of MSNBC. Newsweek editor Evan Thomas was being interviewed by Chris Matthews on his Hardballshow about Obama’s recent address to the Muslim nation, and makes the “startling” statement that Obama is above America, above the world, in fact, he is God.


Did you catch the “yeah” from Matthews in affirmation right after Thomas makes his “God” statement? That shouldn’t be a surprise though. It was Matthews, after all, who stated that B.O. gave him a “tingle up his leg.” It’s been said that NBC stands for “Nothing But Obama” or “No Barack Criticism,” and this interview only served to confirm this perception, so it should be no surprise that it would be MSNBC that carried this interview.


Prior to the election, this same “Obama worship” reared its head when Louis Farrakhan declared B.O. to be the “messiah.”


During his campaign, there was some concern as to Obama’s faith, not because it’s a requirement to be President, but because it gives an indication as to the character of the person. Yet when these questions were raised, those people were usually written off as using “right-wing scare tactics.” But when Obama’s “high priests” (also known as the main stream media) makes these statements, we hear no such accusations. Instead, we should hear and believe – standing in awe – while we embrace the grace and omnipotence of the chosen one.

Ever since the 60’s, there have been groups that have made specific and dedicated efforts to abolish God from every element of American society, so it’s not surprising that we now have a generation who haven’t got a clue as to who God is.

According to Newsweek and MSNBC, he now serves as President of the United States of America.


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