Mittually Assured Destruction For The Republican Party


During the Cold War with the former Soviet Union, the doctrine known as M.A.D. – mutually assured destruction – was used during the nuclear arms race between the two nations.

In practice, it worked like this: It assumed that both sides had enough nuclear weaponry to destroy the other side and that if one side were to attack, the other would retaliate with equal or greater force, resulting in the mutual, total and assured destruction of both sides.

While the success of this theory can be debated – although Reagan’s “peace through strength” foreign policy did lay the foundation for the fall of the Soviet empire – we are now seeing this theory validated by establishment Republicans and the Romney campaign.

From the Romney Super PACs in Iowa, to the recent barrage of attacks from “conservative” pundits and prominent Republicans such as John McCain and Bob Dole, the first strike has been initiated against against Mitt-the-flip’s competition for the Presidential nomination, in addition to the T.E.A Party and conservative Republicans in what has been labeled the most negative campaign in Florida history.

In response, true conservatives have launched a counter-strike. Influential people such as Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and Michael Reagan, along with the T.E.A. Party have fought back against Republicans in Washington who have been trying to distance themselves from the movement.

Has the assured destruction begun?

The theory of Mutually Assured Destruction kept America and the Soviet Union from destroying the world. Sadly, the Romney politics of division appears to prove that the Mittually Assured Destruction of the Republican Party is all but guaranteed.


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