Left-wing radicalism and the collapse of discussion

Your opinion is invalid

By: Alex Buchmann

Our President’s tweet on SCOTUS’s recent soiling of state’s rights represents the Left’s ultimate feeling towards those who oppose their agenda. I’ll post the tweet for those of you who wisely avoid social media due to remarks like this:

This tweet sent from the elected executive of a constitutional republic symbolizes yet another example of the radical collapse of discussion within our culture. Let me expound on the President’s micro-aggression a little further.

For love to win, hate must lose. In the nation of oversimplification, this tweet trumps all. If you’re not for love, then naturally you must be for hate, or so the liberal narrative goes. In the ‘gay rights’ movement, which already over-politicize every issue through bullying and intimidation, there will be no arguments after this. Those opposing the court’s ruling must inevitably be part of the bigotry and hate crowd (Exclusive Tee-Shirts of which are available upon request. I’ve made some great designs!).

The Left doesn’t want a second side to any argument. If you’re not for them, you’re against them.

Let’s take another, pardon the pun, hot topic and talk about global warming and climate change. Just like with gay marriage, the Left created two sides to this topic. Disagree with them and you’re called a Denier. There’s a tremendous essay by Matt Ridley in the Australian magazine Quadrant where he discusses the dangers climate hysteria has on the integrity of Science. Mr. Ridley covers the consequences of the Climate Wars in remarkable detail. Discussing the differing sides, Ridley writes:

“These scientists and their guardians of the flame repeatedly insist that there are only two ways of thinking about climate change—that it’s real, man-made and dangerous (the right way), or that it’s not happening (the wrong way). But this is a false dichotomy. There is a third possibility: that it’s real, partly man-made and not dangerous. This is the “lukewarmer” school, and I am happy to put myself in this category. Lukewarmers do not think dangerous climate change is impossible; but they think it is unlikely.”

When’s the last time you heard about this third category of scientists? When’s the last time they received an award-winning documentary? You probably haven’t heard from them, but not because they don’t exist. Instead, the narrative of the Left refuses to accept alternative opinions which exist outside their two camps.

How about another example: Islamophobes. You’re either tolerant of Muslims or you’re irrationally afraid of their entire religion; cleanliness of turbans aside. There is no diversity in the liberal mindset besides their self-interested attitudes about right and wrong.

Take a look at the field of Republican candidates to see real diversity of thought. It’s proof positive that true diversity of thought only exists on the Right. If we can unveil these auxiliary positions in rational simple arguments, individuals will scrape the scales of mass media from their eyes and begin to question the Liberal position.

Returning to our original topic: yes I do believe the President’s tweet could be thrown in the category of micro-aggressions of which the Left is so consumed. Maybe every person who retweets the President will be forced to attend Sunday School sensitivity training, complete with Director Cut showings of The Passion of the Christ.I doubt this will happen, but hey a #Hater can hope, right?

Meanwhile, you can already hear the jeers from scantly-clad liberals parading down city boulevards in their rainbow-colored thongs:

  • “Love wins!”
  • “Love is the law!”
  • “Do you hate love?”
  • “You and your Christian HATE!”

Imagine for a moment that the Constitution still held value in our Supreme Court and the judges ruled 5-4 against legalizing homosexual marriage. Would the churches strut the city’s streets holding their bibles overhead? Would politicians tweet words of jubilee to their purchased followers? Would my men’s bible study cascade through Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall in our Old Testament lingerie!? Our course not, though I could role play a great Solomon!

I’m in favor of marriage without the need to caveat the word traditional before it. Marriage is between one man and a one women. That’s it, simple, natural, and easy to understand. We don’t need any further appeals to Aristotelian logic or three credit course conversations concerning theologies of bodies.

To combat absolutes, deal in simplicity. Freedom is better than slavery. Liberty is better than tyranny. Colored Christmas lights are better than white Christmas lights. Work to unveil rational possibilities which break the liberal narrative. There are more options than the false dichotomy the Left chooses to push. Attempt to see the polarities developing early, and kill those weeds from the start.

Until we fracture those absolutes the narrative will continue to remain: #LoveWins and #HateLoses.


Alex Buchmann is a rising senior at Hillsdale College majoring in Politics and minoring in both Management and Classics. As a KLZ 560 intern with John Rush, his millennially biased comments can be heard weekdays from 3-6pm.