It’s The Media’s Fault – Yeah, That’s The Ticket


After suffering yet another episode of T.I. (“telepromptus-interruptus” – a condition that exhibits itself whenever the messiah tries to talk without the use of his teleprompter) Obama found himself once again in trouble for saying something stupid in response to one of the “hard hitting” questions the White House Press Corps has become known for.

During the question and answer period of the anointed one’s press conference on his rapidly failing healthcare initiative, a member of the media asked Obama about the arrest of his friend, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Considering the fact that the administration pre-selects both the question and the questioner, you’d think he would have had this one in the bag. But alas, without the aid of his teleprompter, the CEO of America’s banks, mortgage holders and auto companies suffered from the dreaded T.I.

As you will recall, the Racist-in-Chief accused the police involved in the arrest as being “stupid,” and then further described how this was most likely a “race-based” action by the police department. Of course, pulling the race card has become standard operating procedure for America’s first half-black President whenever he’s faced with not having “all the facts” on a particular issue, as was the case in the incident involving his friend.

In the days that have followed, Barry has had a difficult time figuring out why his racist statements have been such a big deal. You would think that the man who has made a living apologizing for everything under the sun – from America’s successes during World War II to being the world’s dominant super power – would just channel his inner apologist and say “I’m sorry,” but apparently Obama only apologizes for things he’s not personally responsible for.

This has left Obama in a real quandary. He can’t blame his teleprompter, he can’t apologize for something he’s personally responsible for, and he can’t blame the media – or can he?

In a move reminiscent of Tommy Flanagan (the Pathological Liar character made famous by Jon Lovitz), the chosen one has come up with a strategy that will allow him to avoid apologizing, while finding the perfect way to place the blame on someone else. While he can’t blame the media for tossing him a pre-ordained question, he’s pretty sure that he can blame them for covering his press conference.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“I was just answering an anonymous question from an anonymous member of the press. Yeah. And they were the ones who brought up race and set me up for giving a bad answer. Yeah.”

“Then they decided to actually hold me accountable for my own words, instead of giving me the free pass they usually do. So, it’s clearly their fault for covering the press conference and holding me accountable for what I said.”

“Yeah, that’s the ticket.”


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