It’s The Barack Obama Hour

Obama and Teleprompter appear on Leno

Not content with his takeover of the nation’s banks and the “Big Three” automakers,  Newsweek’s ‘Mr. Cool’ is now making a move to take over the “prime-time” slot on television.

Tentatively called “The Barack Obama Hour,” the “chosen one” will be making his fourth prime-time appearance to celebrate his “accomplishments” over the first 100 days of his administration.

As with his previous shows, this episode will feature his favorite co-star, the teleprompter. “I wouldn’t have had the success I did in my previous appearances without my co-star. He’s my pick for the “supporting actor” award at this year’s Emmys,” said Obama. Of course, Obama himself is an early favorite for several catagories, including: 

  • “Best Lead Actor” – They don’t call him “The One” for nothing
  • “Best Director” – Nobody selectively picks questions from the press like Obama
  • “Best Writer” – Someone has to write what he reads on that teleprompter
  • “Lifetime Achievement Award” – Yeah, he’s only been on the job 100 days, but obviously no one will ever be as good as he is

When asked about his billing as “supporting actor,” the teleprompter responded, “I love working with Obama, but if this thing gets any bigger, I’m going to demand equal billing. Like he said, he’d be nothing without me.”

Thanks to the fine work of his many PR people in the television business (known as the mainstream media to the everyday man), coverage of the Barack Obama Hour will be carried on all three networks. These are the same PR firms that helped market Obama to America when he ran for President. There are primarily three of these firms: the Constantly Barack Station (CBS), the Absolutely Barack Channel (ABC), and the Never-ending Barack Channel (NBC) networks.

Speaking for NBC, Jeffrey Immelt (CEO) stated, “Mr. Cool has always been our favorite client – our PR work, along with the additional support we can provide with our cable outlet (MSNBC),  makes this a win-win for our PR people and the viewing public. 

When Immelt was reminded that these Prime Time programs by Obama have been highly unprofitable, costing the networks millions of dollars in lost revenue, Mr. Immelt replied, “Hey, even Seinfeld was a flop before his show took off. Besides, if his Nielson ratings don’t pick up, our PR firm is prepared to help him promote a government buyout of the networks that would allow him to be the only show on TV.”

The way things look to me, I think that’s already taken place.