Glenn Beck – “Obama Is A Racist”

In a bit of irony on the subject, the state run media is jumping all over a comment made by America’s favorite Libertarian, Glenn Beck.

During an appearance on FOX Network’s “Fox and Friends,” Mr. Beck was asked about the uproar following yet another episode of  “telepromptus interruptus” by the messiah (a condition he suffers from when he tries talking to the media without his teleprompter) when he accused the Cambridge, Mass. police department of acting “stupidly” for arresting his college buddy, Henry Louis Gates.

In his response, Beck told the hosts of the show that he felt Obama carried some form of “hatred of whites or white culture.” When challenged on this statement, he went on to say that he felt America’s half-white president was a “racist.” Needless to say, the politically correct state-run national media who seem to cronically suffer from what Shelby Steele, a conservative African American political writer calls “white guilt” (a condition common among white liberals and American Institutions) jumped all over it.

According to the dictionary, a racist is: a person who has hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. Based on statements made by the chosen one, it would seem that he fits the description to a tee. Consider these quotes:

“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of twelve or thirteen” because she was white..” – Dreams From My Father

“…almost every single socioeconomic indicator, from infant mortality to life expectancy to employment to home ownership” among blacks “continues to lag far behind their white counterparts” because of “racial attitudes.” – Dreams From My Father

“…typical white person.” – Obama’s description of his maternal grandmother’s racist tendencies

This racist attitude was further evidenced in Obama’s response regarding the Cambridge incident, when he not only called the police stupid for arresting Mr. Gates, but he accused them of racial profiling.

The problem, as far as the “white guilt” crowd is concerned, is that Glenn Beck’s accusation doesn’t fit their definition of what constitutes a racist. Although similar to the definition found in most dictionaries, The Politically Correct Dictionary of Liberal Definitions defines a racist as: a  white person who has hatred or intolerance of another race, such as when a white person questions anything done or said by the messiah.

In related news, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will hold a joint news conference defending Obama and demanding that FOX News terminate Beck for “talking down to black people… telling n—–rs how to behave.’’ Oh wait, that was the “Rev.” Jackson who said that about Obama during the campaign last year.

So, if a white person labels a black person a racist, it’s wrong – but when a black person labels a black person a racist…..?

Oh, never mind….


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