Flying – The Ultimate Loss Of Liberty


As my friends over at remind us, the loony left went ballistic over the Patriot Actand warrantless wiretaps under the Bush Administration, but yet they feel totally at ease with Obama’s Transportation Safety Administration employees doing things that border on sexual molestation.

From groping nuns to molesting little children, Homeland Security – under the direction of Janet “Big Sis” Napolitano – has proven that they are clueless about how to deal with the very real threat of terrorism “man-caused” disasters and are willing to throw the 4th Amendment (Unreasonable Search and Seizure) under the bus in the process.

Gee, the Obama Administration ignoring the U.S. Constitution. What are the odds? But wait, it gets better.

It turns out that there is a certain segment of American society who are exempt from being sexually assaulted by these government perverts. Let’s see if you can guess who that is.

What religion is often referred to as a religion of peace, but is most closely associated with the kind of terrorism that brought us 9/11?

Yep, it turns out that being sexually molested by a bunch of government perverts applies to everyone except the people that brought us the whole terrorism thing in the first place.

Are you a female wearing a hijab? You won’t have to worry about getting the nun treatment.

Did you catch her non-answer, not to mention her socialist belief that this is a “collective” problem? And did you also pick up on her statement about “those who want to harm the United States – particularly in the aviation environment?”

Is it just me, or wasn’t it people like those getting the special treatment the ones who have a history of harming the U.S. in the aviation environment?

Perhaps we could learn a few things from a nation that has successfully dealt with the whole terrorist issue for decades. 

Well, considering that the Muslim-in-Chief is thought to be the most anti-Israel President in history, I guess he wouldn’t be interested in how they deal with terrorist who tend to be swarthy, foreign-born, Muslim males.

No, it makes much more sense to violate the 4th Amendment rights of grandmas, nuns and little children.

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