Explosive Video Shows EXACTLY How Racist The Left REALLY Is


The latest hidden camera video from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas shines a glaring spotlight on the rampant racism, bigotry, and prejudice that exists within the ranks of the political left in America today.

Ironically, the very group that points its collective finger at the right and yells “RACISTS!” on a regular basis is completely ignorant of its own guilt of the same, because the left believes that the left cannot be racist.

Boy are they ever wrong. And today we saw it on full display.

The number of disturbing statements made by North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross and wealthy New York Democrat donors Benjamin and Leah Barber in this video are too many to analyze in a 1,000-word column, but here are the low lights as I see them.

Candidate Ross makes the claim that “Republicans know that young people, African-Americans and women are less likely to have ID. …Its Jim Crow.”

The very idea which Democrats continue to promote, that we blacks do not have the intelligence, motivation, or wherewithal to obtain an I.D., that it’s somehow more of a challenge for us than for anyone else, is an insult on its face. If producing an I.D. in order to vote is indeed a racist act than hotels, public libraries, rental car companies, court rooms, departments of motor vehicles, welfare offices, and myriad other businesses and institutions are “racist.”

Why it is more difficult for a woman, young or black person to get an I.D. than it is for a white male, Ms. Ross?

(Rhetorical) question’s answer: It’s not.

A racist believes members of a particular race to be inferior.  You believe we are somehow less capable of performing the wholly mundane task of obtaining an I.D. because you believe what many if not most on the left believe — that absent the assistance of government we blacks are fundamentally incapable. And for that belief you are the textbook definition of a racist.

Following Ms. Ross’s bigoted statement, the Barbers start in with doozies of their own.

In discussing black Republicans, Leah Barber states “It doesn’t make sense. You’re voting against your self-interest” when referring to us. Mrs. Barber, how do you know what is in my best interest?  You don’t know me, don’t know my family, don’t know anything about my situation. Therefore how can you claim to have the slightest idea what is or is not in my best interest?

(Rhetorical) question’s answer: You don’t.

To be prejudiced is to “pre-judge” an individual based on a trait, in this case skin color, and apply that judgement to all in the group. “The Polish are stupid,” “Mexicans are lazy,” “Short people are not trustworthy,” etc. The problem with Leah Barber and all who believe as she does is that they are prejudiced. Mrs. Barber has taken a single observable physical characteristic and from that observation reached her own conclusions about what is in our best interest. She has pre-judged me/us because of the color of our skin.  She is prejudiced.

Then comes Mr. Barber. Its worth noting that Barber isn’t just some indistinguishable no-name schmo. The man has weight in Democrat circles. From Wikipedia:

Benjamin R. Barber is a Senior Research Scholar at The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society of The Graduate Center, The City University of New York, the President and Founder of the Interdependence Movement, and Walt Whitman Professor of Political Science Emeritus, Rutgers University. From 2007–2012, he was a Distinguished Senior Fellow at Demos.

After comparing black Republicans to the Sonderkommando (Jews who helped the Nazis) Benjamin Barber says, “So blacks who are helping the other side are seriously f****d in the head. They’re only helping the enemy who want to destroy them. Maybe thinking that if I help them maybe it’ll be different, maybe I’d get off ok; somehow I’d save my race by working for the murders.”

Few things more ludicrous have ever been uttered. “The enemy who want to destroy us?”  What specific policies have Republican legislators proposed that will have the effect of “destroying” us blacks? These questions never get answered; all we get from the Barbers of the world is rhetoric but nothing substantiating the claim.

“Our murders?” Exactly where are these Republicans who are out systemically murdering blacks? While it is true there once were marauding bands (of whites) in America who murdered blacks, like the KKK, those groups were Democrats!

Here are two points that the Barbers and all who think like them must consider:

1. Is it your belief that all blacks in America, all of us, should only vote for and support Democrat candidates for office all the time, every time, and with no exceptions?

(Rhetorical) question’s answer: Obviously it is.

This, you believe, is the pathway to improvement? And you think we’re the ones who are f****d in the head?

Mr. and Mrs. Barber, that is essentially what we blacks have been doing (all voting for Democrats) in this nation for about the past 50 years, and if you’d ever take time to come down from your ivory towers on the upper east side to get a look at black neighborhoods in New York City, or anywhere else, you’d quickly realize the folly of your belief system.

2. If you believe that blacks who vote Republican are voting against our self-interest, then why is it that whites who vote Democrat are not doing the same?

(Rhetorical) question’s answer: Because you are racists.

You are white, Mr. and Mrs. Barber, so by your expressed beliefs wouldn’t logic dictate that by voting Democrat you are voting against your own best-interests? If so, why do you that? If not, why do your standards apply to us but not to yourselves? You have your own set of expectations for how we blacks are supposed to think, feel, act, behave, believe and vote. Then when one or more of us do not live up you YOUR OWN PRECONCEPTIONS about us, you berate and call us f****d in the head.  All the while not realizing that the only racists in the room are standing in the mirror. Shame on you.

Candidate Ross and the Democrat National Committee, I personally call on you to publicly renounce these comments and return all funds that have been provided you by this racist couple and any other of their ilk from whom you’ve accepted contributions. Especially you, DNC Chair Donna Brazile. As an African-American, how can you possibly remain silent on this? I can only imagine your (rightful) rage and reaction had Donald Trump, Mitt Romney or any other Republican been caught saying such things.

Or are your principles not so lofty that a fat check can’t cause you to ignore them for a while?


Derrick Wilburn

Derrick Wilburn is the Founder and Chairman of the Rocky Mountain Black Conservatives and BlackandConservative.com

He is a sought after speaker/presenter, a renown author and columnist, contributing columns and editorials to multiple national blogs and publications including: the Colorado Springs Gazette, Politico, American Thinker, Allen B. West, Strident Conservative and the Tea Party News Network.

His online videos may be viewed on the Black&Conservative YouTube channel and he frequently delivers the Tea Party National Weekly Address.