EPA Gives Obama “Global” Power

GoreCommandmentsWith the E.P.A. announcement today that CO2 (the naturally occurring gas that every human being and mammal on the planet produces when they exhale) is a danger to human health, Obama has been given ultimate power to “fix the problem” of glo-BULL warming. 

Besides the utter absurdity of such a declaration, there is reason for great concern from this latest action by the socialist-leaning administration.

It begins with the fact that Obama has never been a big fan of the limitations he believes our Constitutional form of government creates for his agenda.

For instance, in an interview with a Chicago radio station in 2001, he expressed his belief that the Constitution (was) a charter of negative liberties which could never be used to bring about “redistributive change.” He also stated that this change would need to be an “administrative” task and not a legislative or judicial one.

As he has demonstrated through his takeover of Government Motors, the banking and mortgage industries, in addition to his soon-to-be-realized healthcare hi-jacking, the Supreme Ruler of All Things holds to the belief that only he and the socialist/communist/Stalinist people that surround him are equipped to administer the solutions to the problems America faces.

It’s also been no mystery that Obama has struggled to pass his radical agenda, despite the overwhelming majority his party holds in both the Senate and the House, and his cap-and-tax plans have been no exception. The Changer-in-Chief prefers to have his party hacks do his dirty work in order to protect his “change” persona, but he hasn’t been all that lucky when it comes to legislation concerning glo-BULL warming.

But hey, Barry didn’t get to where he is without throwing anyone and anything that gets in his way under the bus (the Constitution, his pastor, his friends, etc…) and this situation has been no exception. If he can’t do what he wants with Congress, he’ll do it without them.

Armed with this declaration from the EPA, the messiah is now positioned to do whatever he wants concerning CO2 “pollution.” He doesn’t need to wait on Congress to act, nor does he need their blessing for any “treaties.” He can now make administrative (remember his radio interview?) decisions concerning new power plants, automobiles, oil exploration, natural gas exploration, and just about anything else that produces CO2 as a by-product.

What could that look like?

Well, it should be remembered that the messiah’s Science Czar, John Holdren, holds to the belief that forced sterilization should be used to protect the environment. In a book he co-authored (Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment), Holdren advocated forced abortions, the use of sterilizing capsules implanted in people when they reach puberty and the spiking of water reserves and staple foods with a chemical that would make people sterile in order to reduce the human population in the name of extreme environmentalism.

Not to be outdone, Barry let us in on what to expect under his plan to “change” the energy industry in the name of saving the planet.

Do these past policies portend what is to come for America now that Barry doesn’t need Congress’ help with Cap and Trade Tax? Based on past actions taken by the chosen one, I’m afraid to know that answer to that question.

If these possibilities don’t give you pause, consider the words of Lord Christopher Monckton (former Science Advisor to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) concerning the true motivation behind the hysteria. Are the actions Barry is likely to take in response to the lie of glo-BULL warming a precursor to a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT?


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