Educator-in-Chief Wants Longer School Days

ObamaTeacherIn the latest example from the chosen one that the answer to every problem is MORE GOVERNMENT, Obama is suggesting that children simply aren’t spending enough time in the classroom in order to meet the challenges facing the world in the 21st Century.

To deal with these challenges, he is suggesting that children need to spend more time in school through longer school days and longer school years.

Gee, more government control of your children. I guess those “praise Obama” songs take longer to learn than we realized.

It also takes alot of time to program young minds to unconditionally accept the anointed one’s many policy objectives. After all, training our children to accept government control of healthcare and turning them into new union members is a sure guarantee that our children will successfully meet the challenges of the future.


A Collective Bargaining Simulation

Brief Description:
In a classroom simulation of collective bargaining, students learn about unions, employers, the labor movement, and workplace issues. Students will interact in small labor and management teams to bargain a union contract at a fictional workplace on issues that include wages, medical insurance, childcare, affirmative action, etc. Students are coached by labor relations professionals who volunteer from the fields of labor and management. Following the simulation, students analyze the outcomes of their collective bargaining experiences and determine issues they want to learn more about and take action on. Some examples include: creating a public awareness campaign on the cost of health care insurance and legislative action for a single-payer system, identifying union vs. non-union employers in our local economy, creating an oral history project about the causes and impact of a strike in their community, creating a peer education program about workers rights.

Union Representation Election

Brief Description:
In a classroom simulation of an actual union organizing campaign, students learn about unions, employers and management, and the labor movement. Students will interact in small groups representing management, union organizers, workers, and the NLRB at a fictional workplace. This case study features a town hall meeting to debate and discuss the issues followed by a union representation election. After the simulation, students analyze the outcome of their experience (who won the union election and why) and determine issues they want to learn more about and take action on. Some examples: identify union vs. non-union employers in our local economy, create a peer education program about workers’ rights today.

Of course, longer school days will mean more pay for Obama’s union buddies, but I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Still to be decided by the all-knowing one:

  • How to increase the time spent at school without killing the planet due to the increase in CO2 emissions from additional utilities consumption and the additional miles driven by parents transporting their children to class.
  • The size of the bailout Disney will receive due to the lost revenue after family summer vacations are made illegal. 
  • How to make summer vacations illegal.
  • How to abolish the home-school system. We can’t have a bunch of kids out there who are smarter than those who will now be wards of the state.
  • How to pay the additional costs – yeah right. What was I thinking? 

While there has been alot of concern from parents about the agenda-driven approach being taken by the anointed one, history shows us this has been done in the past by leaders in other countries with great success. 

So, relax America – Barry knows what’s best for your kids.


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