Don’t Be Fooled – RINOs Are Still Dangerous

I wrote about the endangered species status of the RINO a few weeks ago, and recent actions by a few of this dying breed show how desperate they have become to save themselves from extinction.

First of all, let me say that when I use the term RINO (Republican In Name Only), I am actually referring to Republicans who have forsaken the conservative principles – or never held them in the first place – that make up the base of the party.

Instead of holding to these values, RINOs compromise themselves by siding with the progressive base of the Democrat party in order to hold on to their power.

Consider Florida, where Charlie Crist is losing to Marco Rubio by 23 percentage points after leading by 46 percentage points a year ago. The “Republican” governor from the Sunshine State is about to pull a “Specter”by bailing on the party he claims to be loyal to in order to get elected. In the next few days, we are likely to hear that Crist is going to run as an Independent.

On his website, Crist lays out his conservative credentials, stating that he is a “common-sense conservative,” which sounds alot like the “compassionate conservative” label George W. Bush used to explain his progressive tendencies. Sure, he takes a few safe conservative positions on issues like the war on terror and spending, but he fails to provide evidence of his accomplishments on issues important to Conservatives.

If you doubt that his “common-sense conservative” credentials are nothing more than code for “Democrat-lite,” consider that the founder of the Daily Kos (who proudly boasts that they are the largest progressive community blog in the United States) has invited Charlie Crist to run for the Florida Senate seat AS A DEMOCRAT!

If he wants to survive in politics, switching is his only hope. What’s more, I’d welcome him into my party.

Here’s the bottom line: there are only two people who can win that seat — Crist and Rubio. I’d much rather it be the former, and Crist ain’t gonna do it as a Republican.

Whether he decides to run as a Democrat or an Independent, Crist has proven conclusively that he is a RINO.

Another example of this once vibrant but vanishing breed comes to us from great state of Arizona, where Senator John McCain is shedding his “maverick” image in an effort to convince Arizonans that he is, and always has been, a staunch conservative. In an interview on Fox News Sunday, he failed to pull it off:

Gee, do you think his change of heart might be due to the fact that polling shows McCain only beating J.D. Hayworth 47% to 42% after being ahead 53% to 31% just a few months ago, not to mention his recent flip-flops on major issues important to conservatives?

  • He advocated cap and trade legislation when running for President – now he opposes Obama’s attempts to do the same, calling it “cap and tax”
  • He helped create campaign finance reform (McCain-Feingold) – he has taken no position now that it was overturned by the Supreme Court
  • He opposed the border fence and favored amnesty for illegals – now he wants military troops to patrol the border
  • He supported the $787 billion bailout – now he claims he was “mislead”

I think you get the idea. When he’s not running for reelection, Johnny boy is hardly distinguishable as a Republican. But when he needs the support of the party he claims to love, he dons his conservative garb and tries to distance himself from his own record and actions.

Sorry John, but you’re a RINO, no matter how hard you try to look otherwise.

As RINOs drift ever closer to their eminent extinction, conservatives can’t be lulled to sleep. Though endangered, RINOs will grow ever more dangerous as they try to prevent their demise. 

With the abuse of power we are now witnessing by Progressives in both parties, we can no longer risk the loss of our liberty and our freedom. We must insist that every elected official, regardless of party, adhere to the precepts laid down by our Founding Fathers.

Don’t be fooled – RINOs are still dangerous.

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