Democrats Find Religion About Gitmo Closing – Really?

In a 90-6 vote, the US Senate rejected President Obama’s request for funding to close the Guantanamo Bay prison and have committed to do so indefinitely until the “all-knowing one” shows that he “knows” what to do with the prisoners currently held there – Really? 

Do you mean the messiah had to actually tell us HOW he was going to close Gitmo? Wasn’t it enough to just SAY it was going to be closed? After all, Jesus (the first Messiah) only had to “speak the word” and it was done. Shouldn’t that be all that’s necessary for the chosen one?

harryreidneedleAccording to the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, “Democrats under no circumstances will move forward without a comprehensive, responsible plan from the president.” – Really? 

They’ve never looked for a plan from Obama on anything else he’s proposed. They didn’t insist on details when he crammed the nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill down our throats. They weren’t concerned about the details on how to pay for his record-breaking $3.5 trillion budget. They haven’t shown any interest in figuring out the specifics on his government-run healthcare, new C.A.F.E. standards for automobiles, cap and trade, along with a myriad of other items meant to bring Comrade Obama’s socialist vision to fruition.

Liberal Democrats ran in 2008 on a platform that included accusations about how the Bush Administration had murdered the US Constitution by illegally incarcerating Muslim extremists – Really?  

Then how did they suddenly decide that it’s not such a bad thing after all to keep them in Gitmo, especially when the alternative is to have them released on American soil? November, 2010. Nothing more – nothing less. There hasn’t been any change of heart by the terrorist sympathizers of the Democrat party. This had NOTHING to do with concern about the absence of specifics by Obama – it had EVERYTHING to do with getting re-elected.

It also provides Obama with political cover. Thanks to this politically motivated vote by his friends, the Apologist-in-Chief can claim that he “tried” to close Gitmo, but those big, bad, nasty Senators on Capital Hill kept him from keeping his promises. He’ll also be able to extend the  arbitrary deadline he created when he signed the Executive Order in the first days of his administration, letting him push the shutdown past the 2010 elections. If any detainees end up on American soil at that time – a near certainty – it will be past the critical mid-term elections, but early enough to allow him to bounce back before the 2012 Presidential election.

According to Harry Reid – a man facing re-election in 2010 and currently carrying an disapproval rating of about 50% – this decision was made because he “didn’t want them in the United States.” – Really? 

Maybe what he meant to say was he “didn’t want them in the United States until 2011, or maybe he thinks this position will make up for his repeated statements during the Bush Administration about how the U.S. had lost the war.  

Democrats want us to think they’ve found religion – Really?

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