Damn The Constitution – Full Speed Ahead!

Using a combination of extortion and bribery, Henchman Harry (Reid) has boldly gone where no Senator has gone before in order to “convince” his fellow Democrats to vote for cloture of the Obamacare bill he authored. He has decided that even the U.S. Constitution won’t get in the way of hijacking the nation’s healthcare system.

When faced with the probability of not getting the 60 votes necessary to get his “behind closed doors” bill passed (whatever happened to the “Honest Leadership and Open Government” the messiah, the henchman and the princess (Pelosi) promised us?), Harry committed millions of dollars in special favors to a few select Senators in order to get their support.

When Bernie Madoff promised financial benefits to his investors with money he didn’t have, he ended up in prison. Harry Reid does the same thing, and it’s called an “historic moment.” Go figure.

Of course, liberals have never been big fans of our founding document. Obama is on record as opposing the “negative liberties” in Constitution due to the limits it puts on his “change” agenda.

Reid considers “Cash for Cloture” a business model for the Senate rather than a violation of the pesky Constitutional provision of “equal protection,” which prohibits the unequal application of federal laws between the states.  His back room pay offs would result in financial windfalls to a few states at the expense of the others.

Pelosi simply doesn’t believe the Constitution applies to the Obamacare situation.

Fortunately, there are those who still believe in the Constitution and are taking steps to defend it. GOP Sens. Jim DeMint and John Ensign announced this afternoon that they’ll force a vote on the constitutionality of Demcare’s individual health care mandate. Here’s the press release.

DeMint has also issued a Constitutional challenge to a portion of Reidcare that requires a “super-majority” to overrule the bill’s rationing board (also known as the “Death Panels”), the Independent Medical Advisory Board, whose purpose to “reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.” In essence, Harry wants to make it illegal to change the law in the future.

The Constitution has been under assault by liberals progressives for nearly a century, and the attacks have increased since last November. As we have seen with Obamacare – Reidcare – Pelosicare, the Constitution be damned – full speed ahead!

Maybe they should listen to Ray Stevens. . .

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