Conservative? Opposed To Obama? You’re A Racist!

When it comes to liberals in love with the messiah, branding those who don’t agree with the chosen one and his socialist policies are routinely branded as racists. Heck, Barry did it himself during the campaign when he accused Republicans of fear-mongering because he’s black. 

However, with the resignation of avowed communist and Green Jobs Czar Van Jones this past weekend, the looney left has gone into overdrive with their racist accusations now that Obama’s approval numbers are plummeting and radical members of his staff are called to the carpet for their extremist views.

For the uninitiated, Jones is a self-proclaimed communist who has been caught – on record – with saying some pretty radical things. For instance, he accused white people of deliberately poisoning minorities and that his position as an advisor to the President concerning “green jobs” needed to used to bring about “social justice.” Find out more here.

Gee, no wonder the messiah pegged him for his administration – he’s so moderate.

The charges of racism begin with activist James Rucker, who leads, an advocacy group co-founded with Van Jones. According to Rucker, the controversy surrounding Jones’ resignation has everything to do with a racially motivated agenda by conservatives, Glenn Beck and the Fox News Channel.

“It gives people pause, and I think that’s the purpose as far as what Beck is trying to do and what Fox is trying to do,” says Rucker, who describes Beck as a “race baiter.”

In a story reported by Red State, we find the following:

Some progressives said they saw racial overtones in Jones’ departure – which came as critics began to step up their scrutiny of Jones’ past words of support for Abu-Jamal, a former Black Panther on death row whose murder conviction in the death of a police officer is a cause célèbre for some on the left.

“It struck me, why go after this guy? He is a minor player, he has no power, no budget, why take him? It’s because he looks like Obamaand he has all those same attributes of being well-educated and he’s an electrifying speaker with an elite education,” said John Anner, a good friend of Jones and former chair of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, an organization Jones founded in Oakland. “It seems to me that he is symbolic of what the Obama administration is and could be and that’s inspiring for me, but for some people on the right, it’s terrifying and threatening.

Not to be outdone, Obama’s official T.V. network (N.B.C. – now known as the Neverending Barack Channel) has joined in the fray. Leading the charge is Keith Olbermann, who hosts the fledgling “Countdown”program. Olbermann, whose disdain of conservatives is becoming legendary, leaves no doubt as to his belief that Jones’ resignation is just the latest evidence of a long history of conservative racism.

Even objections with the Physician-in-Chief over his government takeover of the nation’s healthcare system boils down to being a racist. Just listen to Barry’s former spiritual leader, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright:

Are you a conservative opposed to Obama’s health care plan? Do you object to his socialist-leaning policies? Do you think that the fact that he has surrounded himself with avowed communists, socialists, radical environmentalist, black nationalists and domestic terrorists is something that should at least be investigated?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, YOU ARE A RACIST!

I always find it to be a strange twist of irony that the party that claims to want a “color-blind” society are the first one’s to bring up a person’s color when they are forced to defend the indefensible. Of course, when you consider that Obama himself plays the race card when it serves his political objectives, it should be no surprise that he is surrounded by people willing to do the same thing.

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