Conservative? Opposed To Obama? You’re A Racist! – PART II

Since I had already documented the hypocritical absurdity of the whack jobs on the left that like to throw around the “racist” accusation whenever someone opposes the policies of the anointed one, I was going to let today’s incident from the House of Representatives go without comment, but some things simply cannot go unaddressed.

First, a little background:

A few days ago, the Physician-in-Chief stood before the U.S. Congress and the nation to provide what was supposed to be his long-awaited healthcare plan. Instead, we were given another campaign speech filled with talking points and promises, but lacking specifics. 

I wonder if Barry will ever  stop RUNNING for President and actually start BEING President, but I digress. 

During one segment of his speech, Dr. Obama endeavored to correct some of the “lies” being bandied about regarding his health care promises. One such promise was that illegal immigrants would not receive any benefits under his health care takeover (oops, I mean plan, not takeover).

After one of his many scripted pauses for effect (man, where would he be without the Teleprompter of the United States?), a shout was heard from the gallery – “You lie!”

According to House rules, calling the President a liar during a session of Congress, even if he’s doing the same thing in reverse, is a violation of some sort of decorum meant to protect the “integrity” of “the House.” Integrity in Congress? Now, there’s an oxymoron. 

Besides the fact that Congressman Wilson knows what he was talking about (he serves on one of the committees working on health care legislation), he accepted the responsibility for breaking the rules and immediately apologized and asked the President for forgiveness. Of course, being the messiah, he granted the Congressman absolution.

You would think that would be the end of the matter, but that’s only because you’re a racist! Not only that, but you’re probably a closet member of the Klu Klux Klan, at least according to Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) you are.

In a related story, Jimmy Carter was interviewed about Rep. Wilson’s accusation and the various “Tea Party” protests against Obama’s facio-socialistic policies held over the weekend. 

What did the peanut-brained peanut farmer have to say? You guessed it. Everyone who has a problem with the anointed one is a racist who feels that a black man “isn’t qualified to lead this great nation.”

Of course, Mr. Carter owns the franchise on unqualified presidents, so he should know what that looks like, but his racist comment is total crap.

As I stated before, I find it ironic that the party that claims to want a “color-blind” society are the first one’s to bring up a person’s color when they are forced to defend the indefensible. In retrospect, I think I used the wrong “i” word.

They aren’t ironic – they’re idiots!

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