CNN Protects Obama From Saturday Night Live

Using satire and sarcasm (two of my favorite things), the crew at Saturday Night Live parodied Obama as being inept and ineffective achieving many of his major objectives as President.

Considering the subject matter of the skit done by Fred Armisen (who plays the role of the anointed one), it should come as little surprise that there would be some who would find the content unacceptable, but I don’t think anyone could have predicted the actions taken by CNN in defense of the media’s favorite son.

You know, I checked everywhere on the internet and I couldn’t find any such “fact check” on Tina Fey’s parody of Sarah Palin, which CNN claims was “dead on” near the end of their report (I wonder if they know that she never claimed to see Russia “from her house”). I also found nothing on Will Farrell’s parody of George Bush nor any of the many parodies done of Bill Clinton.

Of course, Barry is no ordinary President. I don’t recall any other Chief Executive causing a reporter’s leg to tingle like it did for Chris Mathews with MSNBC. So, I guess we can’t be surprised when a “reputable” news source like CNN feels obligated to correct the record of a comedy show’s version of the news.

After all, everybody knows how hard-hitting Saturday Night Live news can be.

In retrospect, it could be argued that even though the messiah has failed to achieve many of his policy objectives, he’s done more than enough in other areas. For instance:

  • Government Motors seizure of the automobile industry
  • $800 billion economic bailout
  • $1.4 trillion record-setting deficit

Polling on the subject of media bias has indicated over and over that the media has a decidedly liberal bent to their version of the news. While they continue to deny their biases, it should give anyone pause when one of the “originals” of cable news feels compelled to defend a president against a satirical comedy sketch.

No matter which side of the political aisle you find yourself, you have to admit that this type of “reporting” is troubling.

Now, if Wolfie had done a 7-part special report on how “racist” SNL was for objecting to the messiah, that would be OK. 


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