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Bernie Sanders: Anti-Christian, pro-Muslim, violator of the Constitution

Since losing the Democrat nomination for president to Hillary’s bought-and-paid-for Super delegates, Bernie Sanders, the self-avowed socialist, atheist, and lover of communist dictators, reclaimed his label as an “Independent” and returned to the Senate Budget Committee as the top Democrat.…

California moonbattery: Let’s replace Obamacare with single-payer healthcare

While the GOP continues to advance their fake repeal of Obamacare, the moonbats that make up the California legislature have introduced their solution to the healthcare disaster—a single-payer healthcare system, owned and operated by the state of California. Introduced by…

Trump’s inauguration speech: The rise of FDR and the fall of Reagan

Many times, inauguration speeches have been memorable for the way they communicate the vision and hope of the new president for America. And while Trump’s address contained a few memorable lines, as a whole it was, as Ben Shapiro would observe, “…a populist brew of government interventionism, patriotic rhetoric, law and order toughness, protectionist economics, and isolationist foreign policy. It was politically brilliant, and it had little to do with conservatism.”