Obama to Coast Guard grads: Forget ISIS – fight global warming

May 21, 2015
Global warming larger threat than terrorism

Last week, the Islamic State (ISIS) took over the Iraqi city of Ramadi, a city that American soldiers died to capture years ago. Before that was the fall of Mosul, and the next major city on the ISIS to-do list Baghdad. Meanwhile, Christians are being systematically exterminated from the country. So it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that White House press secretary Josh Earnest recently declared the Obama’s ISIS strategy — Obama once referred to the Islamic State as the Junior Varsity team — an overall “success.” With those pesky issues in his rear view mirror, Obama is now…

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Administration advocates Hitler-styled boarding schools

May 20, 2015
Hitler owns the children

Who needs Common Core when you can build thousands of government boarding schools to indoctrinate the children? In yet another scheme by the federal government to expand its role in raising our children, Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan has proposed the creation of government-owned and operated boarding schools. The reason for such an extreme suggestion being that there are certain kids who need to be under the control of the government 24/7. The idea shouldn’t really be all that surprising when you consider the “cradle-to-career” education agenda advocated by Obama and his senior officials. According to Duncan, government schools, which…

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Obamacare study confirms Obama’s economic failures

May 15, 2015
Obamacare - Great Depression

A few days ago, I shared how Obama likes to massage data to make it look like his economic policies are working. Unemployment rate goes down? It’s not because people are finding jobs. Instead, it’s because their unemployment benefits have run out or they have become so discouraged from not finding a job that they have abandoned looking for a job. Meanwhile, food stamp usage has climbed to record highs because those same people are forced to rely on government handouts in order to eat and survive. Now we learn from a new study that Obamacare is supplying another piece…

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Obamanomics: Lies, damned lies, and statistics – Part II

May 13, 2015
Unemployment number

A few months ago I wrote a piece called, “Bureau of Labor Statistics: Lies, damned lies, and statistics” where I documented the realities hidden in some of Obama’s economic policies. Unfortunately, recent news on the economy called for a sequel to be written. According to the talking heads at the White House, and the state-controlled media that rubber-stamps all things Obama, the U.S. economy is well on the way to recovery despite facts proving the opposite: Last week, we were told how unemployment had dropped to 5.4 percent, which makes it the lowest rate since May, 2008. An interesting statistic,…

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It’s official: Multiculturalism now trumps Americanism

May 11, 2015

In April the White House unveiled a new plan for expediting the citizenship naturalization of nearly 9,000,000 legal immigrants (“Legal Permanent Resident” or “LPR” is the official term) in time for them to vote in the 2016 election. The announcement didn’t make headlines, but it should have. With so much debate and controversy over illegal immigration, conservatives have been slow to recognize the Trojan Horse characteristics of a legal immigration system, which is as much out of control as our open borders. So, only a few people looked behind the curtain to see what is really happening here. When we…

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