Obama’s Gestapo is going global

October 5, 2015
UN police force

  If you’re a regular reader of The Strident Conservative (or listener on KLZ560 at 3pm Mountain), you know that I have commented extensively on actions taken by Obama and the Democrats to create a new form of Gestapo in America. Along with the use of race-baiting following the events in Ferguson, MO. and Baltimore, MD., Obama has established a set of policies that are making it possible for him to create a national police force, just as he indicated he would do as a candidate in 2008. Well fasten your seat belts America! Obama and the United Nations are…

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GOP Candidates: Dazed and Confused

September 18, 2015
2016 election banner

Enormous gloom descended upon this writer as the latest round of GOP debates finished up. I realized there will be no rational patriot defender of America running for President in 2016. The Democratic side of things offers only semi-socialists; no hope for patriotism and freedom there. But surely, I thought, someone with a consistent grasp of patriotic freedom will show up among the GOP aspirants for the White House. Not to be. There is nothing but debilitating confusion over fundamental principles from all comers. Three of the four important issues facing our country were discussed. Immigration, tax policy, and foreign…

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The roots of Islamic fanaticism

September 15, 2015
Islam will rule the world

“Know thy enemy,” said Sun Tzu, the famous Chinese military strategist of the 6th century B.C. Wise words, indeed, and we need to apply them toward the Islamist enemies we face today. What is it that motivates their fanaticism, their worldview, their hatred of the West? There are several factors, but there is one that is primary. It is the ideology of Islam. Since it is ideology that is the main determinant of history, this is where we must start if we are to “know our enemy.” Islamic cultures today differ from those in the West quite drastically, which is…

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America should say no to Syrian refugees!

September 14, 2015
ISIS Syrian refugees

When President Obama and John Kerry suggest taking 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, 90 percent of them Muslim and many of them jihadist sympathizers– really, it’s not that hard to say not today; not ever. Just say no. In fact, say HELL NO! Why is there even a debate on the matter? Yes, the flood of refugees fleeing Syria is a humanitarian tragedy of historic proportions. However, these are not refugees from a terrible hurricane, a volcano eruption, or a tsunami tidal wave. These 4,000,000 are refugees from a civil war made intractable and horrific by an Islamist insurrection called…

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Mitch McConnell fails with Iran nuke deal – Blames Democrats

September 14, 2015
McConnell and Boehner - RINO cowards

The Iran nuke deal hit the fan last week, and that prompted Mitch McConnell to go into damage control mode as he attempted to blame the Democrats for his pathetic leadership failure. In an interview on FOX News, he stated that the deal with the terrorist nation will continue to be a defining issue in the 2016 election for the White House and for continued control of the Senate. Meanwhile, he wanted to America to “make sure we know who we ought to be angry at.” Translation? McConnell knows that he failed. He knows that you know he failed. And…

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