Things that ONLY happen where liberals govern

August 27, 2015
NY Go Topless Day

Some headlines you see and know instantly ‘this could only be San Francisco, or New York City, or Seattle’ or –take your pick of places where liberals have been in control for decades. The “GoTopless Day Parades” which took place in various liberal cities around the nation on Sunday fall squarely into such a category. As has been noted here before, liberalism is “unhappyism.” America’s liberals are obsessed with finding some sort of cause to protest, shout “UNFAIR!” and take to the streets over. This past weekend was no exception. Nearly-naked women (and men) marched up and down  streets of…

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Do you have to be a white over-45 male to win this party’s presidential nomination?

August 26, 2015
Sanders declares candidacy

When it comes to the presidential race the big names who get mentioned at the top of nightly news broadcasts have a tendency to grab all the spot lights. Just about anyone in America can name at least a small handful of current presidential hopefuls. But just because Trump, Clinton, Walker, Carson et. al. command the attention doesn’t mean they’re the only horses in the race. There are in fact dozens of declared candidates from fifteen political parties (Republican, Democrat, American Freedom, Constitution, Green, Libertarian, Objectivist, Party of Socialism and Liberation, Peace & Freedom, Prohibition, Reform, Socialist USA, Socialist Equality,…

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WaPo: Black votes should count more than whites’ as reparations

August 25, 2015
Reparations Now

The idea of reparations for the descendants of slaves has been a topic of discussion in the far-left wing of the Democrat party for years, and there have even been rumblings that Obama might push for such an idea in 2016 before he leaves office. While the likelihood of reparations becoming reality is debatable, there remains no lack of ideas for ways to make America pay, for what the left would call, the sins of America. Such as this little tidbit reported by World Net Daily. Theodore Johnson, a writer for the Washington Post, published an op-ed to spell out…

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Abortion-inducing devices implanted in teen girls without parental consent

August 17, 2015
IUDs for children

Forced abortions. Mass sterilization. A “Planetary Regime” with the power of life and death over Americans citizens. These are the ideas put forth by Barack Hussein Obama’s Science Czar, John Holdren, in a book he co-authored in 1977 titled Ecoscience. In the book, Holdren called for extremely radical ideas in the name of controlling global warming, reducing healthcare costs and a myriad of other “collective good” causes. Some of those ideas are: Forcing women to abort their pregnancies whether they wanted to or not Forced sterilization of the population-at-large using infertility drugs intentionally put into the nation’s water and food…

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Illegal Alien Crime Accounts for over 30% of Murders in Many States

August 10, 2015
ICE with blood

As Ann Coulter has pointed out, this is the most critical issue of the 2016 race because this is the issue that will define whether or not there will even be an American nation recognizable as the “home of the free and land of the brave.” But illegal immigration is not “Ann Coulter’s issue” any more than it is “Tom Tancredo’s issue.” It is America’s issue — not only because it will define America in the 21st Century but because it also defines American elections and who will be voting in elections in 2020 and beyond. It also illuminates the…

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