Hillary Clinton Has a Problem with Lying & Emails

June 29, 2015
Hillary 2016 Run

Last week, the State Department confirmed Hillary Clinton failed to turn over all Benghazi and Libya documents, prompting the Chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy, to say in a statement: “This conclusively shows her email arrangement with herself, which was then vetted by her own lawyers, has resulted in an incomplete public record.” It appears that there are 15 unavailable emails between former Bill Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal and Hillary. Before I dive more into Sidney, keep in mind that last month the Daily Caller reported about his son, left-wing writer Max Blumenthal, as the architect behind…

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We stand with Charleston, not the liberal political agenda

June 20, 2015
Charleston tragedy

We all woke up yesterday morning with the news of a terrible tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina. A gunman sat with a Bible group for about an hour Wednesday evening at Emanuel AME Church, before pulling out a gun and killing nine brothers and sisters in Christ. It didn’t take long for to latch on to the race aspect of the shooting, and add fuel to an already raging inferno. The gunman was still on the loose, yet that didn’t stop them from releasing a headline that reads, “Charleston church massacre: The violence white America must answer for.” This…

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TSA and the Republican-led Congress: a picture of ineptitude

June 11, 2015
TSA fails background checks

Over the past few months there have been several alarming reports about the Transportation Safety Administration–the word “safety” is apparently a relative word–more commonly referred to as the TSA. Some of the recent revelations in a story included: Documents detailing alleged sexual assaults by TSA agents at airports across the country. Thousands of missing TSA uniforms and security badges. Failure by the TSA to prevent potential terror attacks, detect explosives and other weapons in 96% of undercover tests. Failure to screen dozens of airport workers who ended up having ties to terrorism. Americans are outraged, and lawmakers claim to…

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Latest anti-2nd Amendment idea: Mandatory insurance for gun owners

June 5, 2015
Gun Control

It’s no mystery that progressives in Washington, D.C. want to destroy the Constitution as the means of advancing their socialistic agenda, and there is perhaps no greater target than the 2nd Amendment’s right to keep and bear arms. The latest effort comes from the Democrat from New York, Rep. Carolyn Maloney–which fittingly rhymes with baloney because she’s full of it–and the Firearms Risk Protection Act. According to Maloney, the bill would curb so-called “gun violence,” much like car insurance has lowered vehicle fatalities. While this is not a new idea–this is her second attempt–her rationale for H.R. 2546 sets a…

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Administration advocates Hitler-styled boarding schools

May 20, 2015
Hitler owns the children

Who needs Common Core when you can build thousands of government boarding schools to indoctrinate the children? In yet another scheme by the federal government to expand its role in raising our children, Obama’s Education Secretary Arne Duncan has proposed the creation of government-owned and operated boarding schools. The reason for such an extreme suggestion being that there are certain kids who need to be under the control of the government 24/7. The idea shouldn’t really be all that surprising when you consider the “cradle-to-career” education agenda advocated by Obama and his senior officials. According to Duncan, government schools, which…

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