Obama’s Bureau Of Womanhood Conformity

May 16, 2012

While there isn’t really such a bureau in the Federal Government, – although, if the chosen one can appoint an “Atrocities Czar” to further a belief in One World government, why not create a “Womanhood Czar” to further the fake war on women? – the Susan B. Anthony List shows us that the policies for such a department already exist in the Obama administration. Democrats claim to support women, but in the end they only support liberal women who believe in government-mandated healthcare, government-funded birth control and killing their unborn babies for any reason. If you’re tired of the all-out assault launched by this administration on people of faith and conscience, if you…

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Hillary Clinton – Leader Of The Fake War On Women

March 14, 2012

I say “fake war” because according to Hillary and many of her feminist comrades, they are defending themselves against a declared war on women . And I refer to Hillary as the Leader – well, because she’s the Leader; just ask Meryl Streep. Like any true leader, you must inspire your followers, even if you must resort to the Saul Alinsky tactic of “creating an issue or problem” where none exists. Yeah, objecting to federally-funded, mandatory contraception for women in America is the equivalent of rape, torture and murder by extremists around the world, isn’t it Hill? Taking her lead, and that of her boss – the first Feminist President – Hillary’s followers are…

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