ASU Gives Obama What He Deserves – Nothing!

obamaasuphotoIn one of those moments when “all the stars were aligned” (you know – like when Harry Reid told Obama that he should be President), the folks at Arizona State University gave “the one” exactly what he deserved when he came to speak at their graduation ceremony.

It has always been a tradition for a college to honor the keynote speaker at one of these events with an honorary degree. This is an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions and accomplishments of the speaker, something that isn’t usually a problem when the speaker you’ve invited is the President of the United States. But “the one” isn’t your everyday President. When it came time to make the decision on giving Obama his honorary degree, there was one small problem – HE HADN’T ACCOMPLISHED ANYTHING!!

Of course, we knew this about the “community organizer” (too bad ASU doesn’t offer a degree for that) when he was running for office. It was well known that he was the least experienced candidate to ever run for office and his on-the-job training has done nothing to improve the situation.

“His body of work is yet to come. That’s why we’re not recognizing him with a degree at the beginning of his presidency.”  – ASU  Spokeswoman Sharon Keeler

In an effort to save face for this humiliation, Obama made a lame attempt at humor about a list of things Michelle Obama had for him to do when he got home. Yeah, we all know that the President does his own work around the house. Are you sure you can’t have one of your record number of $75,000 a year staffers do it for you? What are you paying them for anyway?

It’s a shame that the folks at Notre Dame don’t have the same level of integrity exhibited by Arizona State. As was also known during the elections, Obama is the most extreme anti-life person to ever run for, or hold, the office of President. His extreme position on this and other social issues have placed him squarely opposed to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, but that hasn’t stopped Notre Dame’s administration from inviting the chosen one to speak at their commencement.

Not only are they inviting him to speak, but they are giving him an honorary degree. Even though this is being protested by Catholics around the country, along with some of the graduating seniors who are going to boycott the ceremony in protest, the politically correct crowd that appears to be in charge at the school are going to give him a degree anyway.

It’s a sad day when a secular school holds a higher level of integrity than one of America’s oldest religious institutions. Shame on Notre Dame for giving “the one” an honorary degree for a life that hasn’t achieved anything. And bravo to Arizona State University…..

….. they gave him exactly what he deserved – NOTHING!